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Marketing Case Studies

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  1. The product selling model requires that the customer obtains all the information regarding the product in the perspective of today’s salesperson, product, and company. A customer with a cluster of satisfaction needs will, therefore, have to seek information on all these so as to ensure that the product meets their personal and organizational needs as explained.
  2. Selling a new and emerging product will require that the sales person convince the customers on the need to change routines and standards. Through advertisements and demonstrations, the salespersons can create higher levels of expectations to create a desire for the product.
  3. Product oriented perspective was not effective because the product seemed unneeded in the market as offices were already furnished with other types of workstations. The strategy did not convince the market of the need to change.
  4. The advanced solution team was able to use a consultative approach to reach to more customers. The change of name and the focus on innovation and creating the demand for the product added value to the product. This was also impacted by dealing with higher-level buyers other than the usual contact persons in organizations. Less emphasis was placed on prices in order to first create the desire to buy.


  1. I would use the live demonstration strategy to convince the buyer. From the kitchen where the problem has been identified, I would use demonstration to show how a cleaning agent would solve the problem. This can be combined with an animated video presentation on how the agent kills and eliminates the germs contained in the dirt and hence solve the health problem. Animated video clips and the live demonstration tools will be used in this case.
  2. In the first step, when Chris asks the buyer for permission to inspect the kitchen, the concerns would be that he might interfere with the machines, distract the workers, interrupt duties or even cause stalling of the work. The objections would be that anything he wants to say can be said in the office and that kitchen is only for the kitchen staff to enter.

In the second step, as Chris ask the prospect to buy his products, the concerns will be that they are not as good as indicated, they are overpriced, they are not legalized, or that they are a health hazard. The objection would be that the business already has procured other products and there is no money available.

  1. Of the seven actions in marketing, Chris makes use of positive interaction with the buyer to convince them to buy the products.
  2. To demonstrate the features of large products or intangible services, Chris can make use of recorded videos or animations as a means of demonstration.
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