Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi who is arguably among the greatest change makers to ever live and he once said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” It is true that people think of making the world a better place, but very few of them consider changing themselves. The world is currently facing major problems and they can only be overcome by emulating change makers like Mahatma Gandhi.

Louis Reil was born on October 22 or 23 in 1844 and died on November 16, 1885 through execution. He had a sallow complexion with brown eyes and hair. When he was 14, he left his home for Montreal where he studied priesthood. Ten years later his mother called her back home in North-West and he accepted the call before finishing his religious education. In 1868 when he was heading home, he stayed in St. Paul and here is where he started being a change maker.

When Reil heard of the unrest that was growing in the settlements along the Red River and that there was a plan by The Hudson’s Bay Company to transfer Rupert’s Land to Canada and there wasn’t a single individual who seemed to care how Metis felt about the planned transfer, he began to champion the cause of Metis. He rallied the uneasy parties and urged them to stand for their rights. He championed the creation of an army, provisional government, and the required steps that ensured the land was not taken by the Canadians. The fort was taken by his forces in November 2, 1869 without bloodshed.

Reil’s action teaches us that it is important to know your rights as an individual and as a group. And when one tries to take what belongs to you by force, you can always stand together as a group to oppose such moves and this does not necessary mean there must be bloodshed. It also teaches that change doest have to come from a whole group at once, but it only takes one person with a brilliant idea to impact the idea to the whole group and people must work as one unit to realize their objectives even when the odds seems to be against them.

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