Macro & Micro economics on The London Housing Market

This assignment should be in a report format. In the report, data and graphs should be included. – Please strictly follow the instructions as followed: (i) Write a short, meaningful summary (abstract). 5 (ii) Write a short, meaningful introduction into the topic. 5 (iii) Evaluate the economic functioning of the housing market in London, investigating sources and determinants of demand and supply, incentives, and the price mechanism. 10 (iv) Evaluate possible causes for and effects of shifts in demand and supply in this market. 5 (v) Analyse the own price, cross-price and income elasticity of demand for housing; consider own price elasticity for various demographic groups. Explain price elasticity of supply for housing. Use diagrams where applicable for illustration. 10 (vi) Determine the nature of the equilibrium in the housing market, and how stable it is. 5 (vii) Discuss, making extensive use of academic literature, reliable determinants of a house price bubble and whether there are signs of such bubble in London or not. 10 (viii) Assess social and economic consequences of the increase in house prices in London, and all possible market failures in this market. 10 (ix) Explain possible options for policy intervention to correct such market failures. 10 (x) Assess how such intervention could affect London’s housing market, and critically discuss and evaluate limitations, costs and benefits of all options for policy intervention. 10 (xi) Based on above analysis, make recommendations to policy makers. 10 (xii) Acknowledge all your sources fully and according to Harvard style. 5 (xiii) Format your report appropriately and professionally with a title page, contents, page numbers, and clear tables and diagrams with titles, numbers and sources. 5 – Please write according to the marks allocation on the right of the instructions above – For background information, please look at the file uploaded – Please make sure this is a report for LONDON housing market, not the ENTIRE UK.

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