MA program applicants essay

Question A
I. Title: A Study of Factors Influencing peace building in Asia
II. Investigators: Professor
III. Hypothesis, goals of the project
The primary goal of the project is to identify the factors that aid in peace building in Asia. The research questions that will be addressed include:
1) Does education play a key role in peace building?
2) What mostly causes conflicts in Asia?
3) Can the increased use of ICT aid in bringing people together?
4) In what ways is peace effective in enhancing regional integration and development?
IV. Background and significance
Peacebuilding is crucial in any political setting, and many studies have been carried out on the topic which determines the variables that affect and improve peace in any setting (Gaillard et al. 2008). Previous research indicates most certain findings that ICT and education influence peace building. Specifically, the studies come to a consensus that education and ICT bring people together thus promoting peace (Bercovitch & DeRouen, 2011). Countries or regions with peaceful coexistence tend to have high economic development and growth (Söderberg & Nelson, 2010). These variables have been effectively explored in previous researches, and it is clear that they are effective in enhancing peace building; however, further research needs to be conducted on the role of ICT, especially social media. According to Weissmann (2010), in spite of the fact that endeavors to detach variables to better comprehend appraisals have been tried many times, huge numbers of the findings are flawed because of the absence of data and successful statistical methods (Doyle & Sambanis, 2006).
V. Research method, Design
For effective analysis, the research questions will be analyzed by conducting a literature review on the given parameters. I will consult various secondary sources of information including websites, books, and journals on the topic. I will then write a report detailing my findings on the research topic. Also, I will use quantitative analysis techniques for question one and three.
VI. The resources to be utilized
In the analysis of the research questions, I will use the main data obtained from the previous researches. I will use quantitative analysis techniques using information and data from websites, books, and journals on the topic.
The research will provide a better understanding of what causes conflicts and what enhances peace building in Asia. In addition, it will broaden one’s knowledge regarding the role played by education and ICT in peace building. The results will aid in determining how to encourage peace in the future to enhance economic growth, development, and regional integration.

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