low self esteem, body image issues, and social media negativity

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How to tackle the problem of college students committed suicide due to suffering from low self esteem, body image issues, and social media negativity


Generally, suicide and suicidal behaviors are some of the common issues among the college and university students. Students’ engaging in committing suicide is one of the major leading causes of death among the students in all colleges across the world. Besides, to all the students who die through committing suicide, quite a number of them engage in hard struggle with suicidal thoughts as well as other mental health issues such as low self esteem, general body image or shape issues, and social media negativity (Lamis, Dorian, and David 281). Currently, many health researchers around the world are studying the problem as well as other health issues among the college students. However, it is widely speculated that most of the college students who engage in committing suicide are or have previously suffering from depression. However, if most of the above mentioned issues leading to suicide are detected and tackled earlier enough through provision of the necessary help and appropriate treatment, we would definitely reduce greatly in the incidences of suicide among the college students (Preventing College Suicide 198). Fortunately, this paper presents some of the various approaches on how to tackle such problems among the college students.

Proposed solution

Normally, it is recognized that college year in the life of students are moment of great development and growth. Besides, the period is also a time of suffering from stress due health and social problems including the social media activities, the issues of undesirable body images and shapes, and also general low self esteem in oneself. However, according to Lamis, Dorian, and David (173), of all the available tackling means, a collaborative approach is one of the best ways of addressing the problem among the students. Besides, the universities and colleges should also establish effective and comprehensive suicide prevention program. Now, considering the development of the college suicide prevention program, experts and health counselor can effectively conduct public campaign specifically aimed at providing information as well as increasing public awareness among the students within the academic community about the menace of suicide and its prevention measures. In addition, the program would also help in reducing the bad stigma that is related with students seeking for different health and social life problems. During the phase of planning and implementation of the program, it is however very important for us to think about the particularities of our college students, college cultures, staff and faculty. Also, counselors and psychologists are required to actively interact and engage students during the process of conducting such programs. They would spend time with students and motivate them particular those suffering from low self esteem as result of self perception including the feeling of poor or undesirable body shape.

Secondly, many students in college particular the distressed ones never bother to seek support or help on their own and keep to themselves their troubles to the extent that they would no control them anymore. University should however establish program committed to identify the students at different level of risks of committing suicide and connects them to available support and care. Examples of such programs and activities include teaching of warning signs, suicide screening and gate training.  Also, increased help seeking by training or teaching the students to know recognizing when they really need support and also helping them to find the solution to their problems can greatly help reducing cases of suicide among the college students.

Furthermore, majority of the students who attempts or contemplate committing suicide are reported not to seek any professional help and almost over eighty percent of the students perish or die through suicide never receive suicide prevention and counseling services at their college counseling centers.  This however may be attributed to the fact that only about thirty percent of the students in colleges are informed or aware of their college mental health facilities and resources (Preventing College Suicide 251). Therefore, as it has earlier on been mentioned, appropriate and a comprehensive approach to the prevention of suicide and suicidal behaviors that basically targets certain student groups who are identified should be highly recommended and implemented. Such comprehensive approaches should involve comprehensive campus suicide prevention which includes thorough screening to help identifying such students with relatively high risks.

The program should also include training particularly for college mental health service staff so as to be able identify and tackle students who are at high risk of committing suicide by teaching and training them how they would understand and acknowledge different changes in their physical body, emotion and self esteem, and coping up with the social media activities. Also, the trained staff will also help the students with different skills in managing different skills. The educational program should also target at training the gatekeepers on some of the common signs and measures they should consider taking when a student is considering committing suicide.


Generally, setting in place and implementing screening programs for identifying students at high risk of attempting suicide will ensure that such students are capture and monitored through effective training on stress, emotion and social peer influence management skills (Lamis, Dorian, and David 56). This will greatly help such students in controlling and managing every life situation that would make them develop suicidal thought and perhaps commit. Implementing of wide education effort is justified as the only way make the students to be capable f handling various situations in their campus life. Carrying out campaign to create awareness among the students on the suicide and its management will help the students and the staff to be able to effectively address both the environmental and individual factors that are related to suicide.

Summary and rebuttal of apposing vies

Suicide and suicidal thoughts are indeed one of the most frightening issues or problem that students face in campus and leads to most of the incidences of the students’ death while in college. Unfortunately, acting or tackling those suicide and suicidal behaviors is a far much common scenario among many students in colleges. Therefore, the need of college stakeholders to take initiatives of establishing and implementing the right measures as have been mentioned here above including comprehensive suicide prevention planning.


In conclusion, the problem of college students committing students due to suffering from low self esteem, body image issues, and social media negativity among many other emotional, social, financial and health issues is a reality. This has been confirmed by the escalating statistic values on the death of students in campus due through committing suicide. However, it is possible to address such issues by putting appropriate prevention measures such as earlier identification of students at high risks, provision of mental health services, promotion of positive social network and developing the right life skills. This will effectively help reduce the incidences of students’ death in colleges through committing suicides.















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