My love for Horror Movie

My hobbies have been diverse, but watching horror movies comes first. Since childhood, I developed interest in watching weird movies where people do inhuman things. I watched the worst horror last month. I booked the latest movie with the vendor, and can’t wait to encounter this one. Since I have class assignments to be submitted in a month’s time, I plan to go over my movie in the shortest time possible. I have to watch the movie before the end of the day once I receive it, although it is deemed unique by most of my friends. It is intriguing to note that I fancy horror movies; my parents and siblings read fantasy novels. In most cases, one would think that I am crazy for such rare crave. Horror movies are always associated with killings and torture; consequently, my mind has got used to violence movies.

One of my first horror movies was the Zodiac killer because of its quality of production, but when I tell friends, no one seems to believe me. I have five key pulling factors towards horror movies: uniqueness, excitement, enticing, emotional and addictive. The cinema hall, an excellent movie resources Centre, influenced my interest immensely as I grew up enjoying horror movies. A Nightmare on Elm Street-an interesting movie-gives me a different feeling each time I watch it. This movie involve a disfigured character who kills teenagers through two methods-dream and death. I watch horror movies regularly and my parents feels uncomfortable- my academic performance is consistently excellent.

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