Logical fallacies On Death


The author emphasizes that death penalty is the solution to the hard-core criminals that include murderers. However, the author fails to reflect on the essence of liberal and forward-thinking society. In fact, reintroduction of death penalty contradicts contemporary emphasis on human rights. In that regard, addressing killings through death penalty in the modern society exhibit a logical fallacy in this work. At some point, the author claims that death penalty has been there since creation of Mankind but he/she fails to observe that criminal activities were not stopped by it either. In that respect, there is no clear premise to justify reinstatement of death penalty. The author also argues that death penalty would relieve the government of the burden to maintain prison. This is a logic fallacy as liberal society must adhere to human rights and uphold human dignity. By claiming that elimination of murderers with death penalty will give the society peace, the author commits another logical fallacy of forgetting the fact that some of such behaviours are hereditary. Besides, the society is complex in structure and such social misfits must exist.









We live in a more liberal and forward-thinking society that we ever had before. This has led to many wonderful things: gender equality, racial equality, religious freedom, and social supports for our most vulnerable members of society. Unfortunately, our liberal society also has drawbacks. The most violent and abhorrent criminals in our society are able to live out their lives in our tax-payer-funded prisons. Reinstatement of death penalty will help mitigate the cases of killings

The death penalty may seem like a complicated moral and political issue, but it’s actually very simple. Is it fair that murderers should be allowed to serve out their sentences and then potentially be released back into society to kill again? The death penalty has been around as long as mankind has. It is important to reduce prevalence of such extreme criminal offenses to improve safety of the society.

Some people might argue that a death penalty is immoral and uncivilized, but those people are typical “bleeding-heart liberals.” It’s easy for them to argue this point of view until they become the victims of a violent crime.

Today’s prison system is overcrowded and under-funded. By getting rid of the monsters in our prison system, we can make room for less violent offenders who actually could stand a chance of being rehabilitated. It feels painful to allow murderers to live on the tax-payer’s dime.

Some argue that a death penalty does not prevent murder. There have been murderers throughout history and there always will be murderers. If I were to consider killing someone, I’d think twice if I knew getting caught could mean I’d face the death penalty. You can’t tell me other people wouldn’t have the same thought.

It may seem hypocritical to use death as a penalty for murder but if you actually think about it, it’s the most just sentence: an eye for an eye. We must reinstate the death penalty or condemn our innocent children to live in a more dangerous society.



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