Logic Model Approach

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Section 1.8

Increased Violence in Grade Schools leading to Increased Law Enforcement Involvement: A logic Model Approach for Administrative Use

Section 2.1 Project

This action research project aims at addressing the problem of increasing violence in public grade schools that has increased involvement of law enforcement the schools. The project will be used to produce education literature that can be assimilated into the school curriculum to enlighten students on violence and its effects on the whole society. As such the report will help students turn from violence and embrace positive lifestyles. Saltzman (2015), notes that the level of violence in elementary grade school has been on the increase in recent years.

The project will identify school management’s position on collaborating with the board in an effort to allocate methods that will put schools in a better position to teach in safe learning environment. The restorative Justice Model curriculum which has been used successfully in the Elementary Grade Schools from grades three through eight where the increase in violence has been noted. The goal is to interview current knowledge and mindsets of stakeholders and leadership to adjust the model to be effective for grade school implementation.


Saltzman,W. (2015,May 27). Action News Investigation: Violence, threats common at schools across area. Action News. Retrieved from: http://6abc.com/news/investigation-violence-threats-common-at-schools.


Section 2.2 Contribution to the society

This project aims at increasing on the level of attention that is given to the problem by the key stake holders in the education sector by highlighting on the level of violence in public grade schools. In addition, engaging the students in talks about violence and its consequences gives them a chance to evaluate their behaviors and abandon violence hence promoting security in the schools. Again, interviewing all the major stakeholders to get their perspective on the problem will help in the identification of the challenges they face in addressing the problem of violence in schools. Thereafter, the research project will give recommendations on how to solve these problems by helping schools to close the gaps in their disciplining methods (Ablamsky, 2017).

In case the board of education adopts this research project into the curriculum, the school will be a safe place for learners to learn and interact with each other without fear since the level of violence in schools will be highly reduced. Learners will be educated on the reality of root of violence, its causes, consequences and prevention measures in a simple language that their young minds can understand (Smallwood, 2003). Again the school environment will be a safe haven for teachers and other people who deal with the students which is not the case. Likewise, by following the recommendations of this project, the education board will be able to ensure that public schools have all the resources required to create a safe environment free of violence where learners can peacefully get their education and develop their talents.

In a similar way, this project will help local neighborhoods improve the level of security through reduction in crime. As the researcher interacts with the students and teachers, and fellow officers of the law, each group will be reminded of the problem in public grade schools that needs to be addressed .The groups will be helped to identify their roles in solving this problem and also the best practices to adopt to ensure that violence is eliminated . Also, the education board will be encouraged by the efforts of the researcher to bring a positive change. Further, the research project seeks to add new information to the existing amount of knowledge on the causes of violence in schools and make it easier for the stake holders to effectively address the problem.



Ablamsky, J. (2017). Schools Closing the Discipline Gap. District Administration. Retrieved from http://www.district administration.com

Smallwood, D. (2003).Defusing Violent Behavior among Young Children: An Ounce of Prevention. Information for School Principals: Ensuring a Healthy Start Promoting a Bright Future. National association of Psychologists.


Section 2.4 Theories on which the research is based

This research project will seek to address the problem of violence in public elementary schools through restorative justice theory. ‘‘Restorative justice is a theory of justice that emphasizes repairing the harm caused by criminal behavior’’ (Centre for Justice and Reconciliation, 2017). Since the 1990s, there has been a growing problem of violence in the Elementary Grade Public Schools. According to Saltzman (2015), the problem is on a significant and steady rise as time goes by. There are two major forms of violence in schools namely: engagement of students in serious violence such as physical attacks with or without the use of a weapon and threats of violence on students and teachers.  Additionally, the number of children turning to criminals is also on the rise (Anderson, 2016).For this reason application of Restorative Theory is the best way to solve this problem permanently.

In this approach, all the stakeholders affected by a crime come together and discuss the manner in which the crime in question has affected them. It is based on the principle that justice should not only punish an offence but also heal all the affected parties. Again, crime and violence are deemed as offences against the individuals involved and the community they live in rather than the state. Dialogue is employed in efforts to peacefully resolve the conflict between the victim and perpetrator of violence. Notably, this method has produced the highest rates of victim satisfaction and held offenders accountable in the most effective manner (Braithwaite, 2004).

In contrast to incarceration (the method that the government heavily relies on to address crime in the nation), application of restorative justice has proved to be a success.in most cases, offenders who have been taken through the process do not go back to crime. Since criminals are given a chance to redeem themselves from their mistakes in the eyes of the society and their own eyes, the method results in restoration of self-worth and not condemnation.  Even more, this approaches emphasizes on finding the causes of crime and the methods that can be used to eliminate these causes rather than just punishing the offence. In addition, victims also take an active role in helping the offenders rehabilitate. Hence it is highly effective.

According to Morrison and Vaandering (2012),’’restorative justice is best understood as the distinct praxis for sustaining safe and just  school communities grounded on the premise  that human beings are relational and thrive in contexts of social engagement over control. Application of this approach will help the community equip young learners with the skills necessary to help them avoid violent behaviors. On a positive note, when children are equipped with these skills during the age when their minds can absorb enormous volumes of information, they are able to retain them throughout their lives. As such occurrence of violence in the community is reduced for long periods of time (Smallwood, 2003).

Given that restorative justice produces positive effects that are long lasting, it is the best method that the board of education can use to eradicate the problem of violence that has been in elementary schools for a very long period of time and keeps on increasing. Studies on the application of restorative justice should be included in the curriculum from the lowest grade in order to achieve maximum benefits .On top of this, every member of the society has a role to teach positive life skills to the children so as to help them make decisions against getting involved in violence and other criminal activities throughout their lives.


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Section 2.5 Researcher Positionality

As a law officer, I am an insider in this project since increased violence in schools has led to increased involvement of law enforcement in education.as I have observed that violent behavior in teenage is a result of psychological problems experienced before this period, introduction of restorative practices in elementary schools is an effective way of addressing the problem of violence in these schools.


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