Literature review about Japanese defense

In this assignment, you’ll analyze the most relevant and important scholarship on your topic. Identify the most important books and articles in scholarly journals, read them in depth, and then analyze their arguments in relation to your topic. This literature review should serve as the frame around your individual research. For example: if your topic is about “street art in Brazil,” your literature review should situate your narrow research topic into the wider context of what scholars have said about the role of public art in the country, the relationship between street art and poverty, youth culture, and other relevant themes. Some of the questions that should guide you when you are researching/compiling your literature review are: What has been done thus far in the field? Do you see any trends or shifts in the study of your topic? What methodologies and approaches were applied? Writing this literature review will help you identify how your research will contribute to the existing scholarship. You should conclude with some brief analysis of how your thesis will fit into the larger framework you present here.
Above is the requirement from my professor. Basically, in this literature review, you need to read the books and explain the authors arguments. there are different arguments. and at the end you need to say your own argument. in this case, is Japan is becoming militarized again under US’ influence. Must use and explain all resources i used in my statement. i have the bibliography of list of resources.

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