Letters to Margaret Sanger

Letters to Margaret Sanger

Page summery

Letters to Margaret Sanger are significantly aimed at bringing the audience’s attention to the works done by Margaret towards ensuring a planned parenthood. Her efforts towards advocacy for women’s physical and mental welfare which are championed through birth control as a clarion call. Sanger engages in a movement for Planned Parenthood to solve the population challenges that families are confronted with. As such, people can only give birth to children to their ability to raise them comfortably.











Who wrote or made the document, and when?

Among those who wrote a document are Helen Keller in the period: 10th May 1961 as well as December 8th 1952.

To what audience is the document addressed?

The document was addressed to the women society as well as the males who have recognized the need for a planned parenthood as a way of controlling births and ensuring that people raise children that they are able to well provide care for.

How does this shape the documents intentions?

The documents intension is shaped through highlighting some of the efforts made by Sanger towards advocacy for a Planned Parenthood and birth control. This is made possible by the issues addressed in relation to rising of children in a proper manner. Moreover, its intentions are also shaped by singling out the issues confronting the society. The birth of children, how they are fed, how they are raised up among others. Additionally, it highlights the challenges that the women who are the bearer of the populations go through and ensures they realize the effect of the excess of population they cause via birth.

Original Analysis:

The main argument that the author of the document is trying to make is that women are the bearers of the society. They bring forth life through conceiving and giving birth. However they need to do so with some plan. There is need for the women to exercise some birth control which can be realized through planning their parenthood (Kelle, 1961). The author asserts that the birth by a woman should be done in a manner that allows them opportunity to give birth in a healthy and safe manner, feed their children properly and in general raise them up accordingly. This cannot be realized when parenthood is not panned. This is because with more children the resources at the parents’ disposal get stretched and consequently the children are not well fed neither are they provided for enough to allow for a healthy development and growth.

The impact or effect that the documents have had in their own time includes persuading the women to realize the need to plan their parenthood. Additionally, the women have learned the benefits of planning their parenthood and controlling birth (Kelle, 1961). This is in relation to the children’s growth and development as well as the women health. Further, the document’s impact can be seen in the respect and honor that the women in the society give to Sanger due to her committed efforts towards addressing the issues that are pertinent to women.

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