“The Laws That Divide the Day in Two,” by Courtney Sender

How the body, used as canvas, displays both examples of artifice and art in the story “The Laws That Divide the Day in Two,” by Courtney Sender

Tattooing is a form of artifice as much as it is a form of art. Courtney Sender uses the human body through his characters in the story to illustrate or address certain issues around the society.

Firstly, tattoos are used as a form of artifice for which people are hiding their pains. People in the society who have tattoos are not necessarily strong as they would appear. They have an emotional challenge hat they have to deal with. This may be due to a situation they haven’t been able to get over. As such, tattoo bearers are always about sentimental stuff.  “People think tattoos are tough, but they’re the most sentimental thing there is” Courtney, (62).

Secondly, as a form of art, tattoos are used to reminisce. They serve to remind someone of the past moments that are noteworthy. “I’ll get one someday, when I’m happy enough to dream up a moment worth keeping,” Courtney, (62). Thus it is an art that communicates to one a significant moment or happening across the lives.

Again as an art it is used to express one’s own prowess in the artistic world. As evident in the story, the narrator observes that he is not trustworthy since he does not have a tattoo on himself. This limits his chances of being hired. He adds that anther parlor had turned him down one Friday and he ended up drinking some wine. (Courtney, 62-63).


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