Parenting today has become a very hard task with children exhibiting a lot of disobedience to their parents. Unlike in the olden days where parents were respected, revered and obeyed, the trend seems to have massively changed. Some children today hardly ever show respect to their parents and refuse to subject to their authority. The causes for this unfortunate trend may include the following:

First and foremost, the children of today are strongly filled with the desire to be independent. In pursuit of this, they use disobedience as a way of gaining more freedom. They also view submission as a weakness for which they do not want to associate with especially during their adolescent stage. Children especially those at adolescent crave autonomy. As such, they may disobey their parents as a way of testing the waters.

Secondly, the complexity of life today has made the parents not available to spend time with their children. Most of the parents are busy at work trying to get food to the table. This in effect leads to poor upbringing due to insufficient time for the parents to impart morals to their children. The children, therefore, grow up lacking in discipline making them turn out disobedient.

Thirdly, the wake of social media has seen a lot of access to information in this age. Due to the availability of technology that supports the social media and given the ability of children to use them, they have had access to information that erodes their morals through teaching them that which is not right. Children view such content as what is ideal and end up copying them which results in the disobedience exhibited (Gentile, 2014).

Thirdly, other media channels like television and movies that children watch when not controlled by parents provide the wrong influence upon their habit (Gentile, 2014). Children view such television personalities as role models. When they see a character in a movie defy their parents and end up succeeding, that becomes their hero and subsequently a role model. This shapes their behavior that results in a lot of disobedience for parents.

Further peer pressure among fellow children is also a contributing factor. Children often become victims of negative peer pressure where they want to behave like their fellows who perhaps have defied their parents’ authority. This in a sense makes them feel heroic.

Finally, children learn from their environment. They emulate what they see happen to them. In most cases, parents set a bad example for the children by doing that which is wrong. The children then copy and want to act like their parents. All the above-discussed reasons have contributed to the disobedience in children today.

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