Issues Associated With Solar Energy Costs

The cost of solar energy is a real issue and with the issues accompanying the type of energy, it becomes comprehensive and worth evaluation. Materials used in constructing the surfaces on which the solar energy contact determine the amount of solar absorbed and that dissipated as well. Many studies have been performed with regard to the best materials that also associate the highest and the most desirable efficiencies. In most cases, the researchers have determined the most desirable materials that conform to several environmental and economic demands. The result of research and designs performed on the same issues depict that all issues involved in solar energy production and storage determine its cost.
Literature Review
According to the study by Al-Obaidi, Ismail and Rahman, Malaysia is in demand for high energy quantity to assist in running all its operations. The consumption of energy is a concern in the country. As a matter of fact, there is a need to subsidize the electric energy with other sources of energy, and solar energy is the most preferable. At the same time, research studies have been performed by reputable specialists and institutions to identify a material and efficient form of energy. Innovative Roofing System (IRS) is made to provide much and moderated quantity of cool natural light from the roof with reduced heat gain impact for tropical residential houses in the country. IRS is also advantageous as compared to the conventional techniques since it reduces indoor temperature and radiant temperature and improves the overall quality of climatic conditions. The model separates the useful natural light from the heat (Al-Obaidi, Ismail, and Rahman, 2014).

The recent observations from research and experiments have revealed that technology is the only way of achieving lower costs of energy. More surprisingly, the postulation by Stefanovic, Bojic and Gordic have emphasized on a technology that realizes a reduction in the use of fossil together with the carbon dioxide emissions fuels through the use of photovoltaic technology. The technology has made the net zero energy house a reality and a success. In this house, the amount paid to the house owner for the energy that is also exported to the grid by the utility is almost equal to the amount paid by the utility itself for the energy services and the use of the energy throughout the year. The technological efficiency has been realized by the simulation of a software together with the diversified refurbishment that is contrary to the initial uninsulated thermal houses. This convention remains real until the present price of photovoltaic changes by 28% and most essentially, it remains to be the best way of capitalizing on housing especially after the installation of the photovoltaic panels.
There is a need for countries to exhaust their full energy potential to minimize the cost of electricity especially the imported that drives cost higher. Many countries realize industrial growth and economic development that are also associated with higher consumption of electric power. Tutkun in the article is concerned with the way in which the unit price of electricity in Turkey can be reduced. The prices in electricity units have gone higher beyond the competitive value. The increase in prices has attributed to the increase in economic growth that has demanded the use of more electricity that has also resulted from the increased population. Indeed, Turkey exports more than 95% of the electricity it consumes from other countries yet the country is rich in higher wind and solar energy potentials that can produce desirable amounts of electricity. The article has focused on the means to lower the costs of energy to competitive levels through the use of PV panels and solar power.
High demand for energy still calls for more innovations to bridge the energy requirements in different regions throughout the four main seasons in a year. Optimization in sizing and tilting of the photovoltaic (PV), cell and diesel generator is apt (Jeyaprabha & Selvakumar, 2015). This source reveals advancement in technology and the greater involvement of artificial intelligence techniques in performing the hybrid sizing and tilting of the involved devices. In this situation, weather and meteorological data are essential. Conventionally such data have been obtained from the sources in which they are stored by a human. At the moment, the information can be obtained from longitude and latitudes through the Artificial Intelligence Techniques developed to solve the issues of energy and costing as well (Jeyaprabha & Selvakumar, 2015). This technology targets the rural and dejected remote areas for the equal supply of energy.
Countries with greater potential for producing renewable energy should take the advantage of the situation and produce more electric power. Iran has an average of clear 300 sun days every year. The country can realize a larger energy output if it utilizes just a smaller percentage of its area by installing PV panels. As a result, the government has made it an initiative to the private investors and foreign agencies to fund the natural gas energy together with hydropower whilst the government itself has made it a real responsibility to invest in the solar power as its strategy to harness energy from renewable sources (Najafi et al., 2015).
Powering houses and industries through green sources of energy is increasing its popularity even in the oil producing energy. Hybrid solar and hydrogen fuel-cell are in the forefront and most considerable energy sources. The green energy sources targeted can be or a greater economic benefit. The return on investment for the proposed project has been evaluated and approximated and the payback period would be three and a half years if the price of 1 kWh exported to the grid is 0.06USD. After the period, the project will be beneficial in monetary terms since it will generate over $7754 every year as the profits (Atieh & Shariff, 2015). The project is flexible and can also be expanded to generate more power and more profits also.
According to Weigharten & Jackson (2010), the public is convinced that the solar panels are found in numerous designs that are capable of executing different roles successfully. The author’s debate technically and through this there is understanding of the determinants of the output. The ordinary materials used can result in extraordinary designs. Many have a feeling that the solar energy lacks the ability to supply larger quantities of power to supply bigger plants. There is a splendid explanation of all technical information on solar energy and the costing involved.

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