Interview Questions for a Manager

  1. How can you describe your leadership style?

This question seeks to understand the leadership skills of the interviewee from their perspective. Using this question, the interviewer is looking for indications of transformative leadership and situational leadership styles. An experience in dealing with a large group of people and a wide range of situations will be prioritized.

  1. What are some of the issues that lead to management failure in a department? Tell us about an instance when you experienced failure as a manager.

This is an intellectual question that seeks to explore the interviewee’s understanding of management. The second part of the question is a rather temperamental question that will explore the behavior of the interviewee. The interviewer will be looking for a knowledgeable candidate who can identify own failures and hence would be in a position to avoid them in future.

  1. Tell us about your former boss.

This is also a temperamental question. It seeks to explore the behavior of the interviewee. It also helps the interviewee talks about his or her seniors. The interviewer wants to find out if the interviewee only wishes to get back at the former boss or just answer the question. A non-temperamental interview will respectfully describe his former boss and appreciate the opportunities offered by the previous employer.

  1. Why do you think you make the best candidate for this position?

This is a leadership question. It seeks to understand the interviewee more and understand their communication skills. The interviewer is looking for a candidate that will link their personal skills to the mandate of the position and the organization. An intellectual candidate with effective communication skills will be considered.

  1. What do you know about our company?

This is an intellectual question that seeks to find out the research skills of the interviewee. A serious interviewee would come to the interview having researched about the company and having understood the general objectives of the company and the specific objectives of the target department. A candidate who will articulate this information and communicate it effectively to the panel will be considered.

  1. Was there an instant when you had to agree with a decision by your seniors even if it was against your will? Tell us why you chose to agree.

This question is seeking to understand the interpersonal skills of the applicant. By indicating that there are times he had to agree with a decision means that they value and respect the opinions of other people and is thus a good sign. However, a choice to remain form in owns decision would be indicative of a confident leader or one who value their ego the most.

  1. Assuming we hired you and you get fired after a few months. What do you believe would be the reason for your firing?

This is also an intellectual and behavioral question. It seeks to understand the applicant’s weaknesses as acknowledged by them. Anyone who admits their faults and weaknesses is a humble leader. The question also helps the applicant uncover their imperfections. Anyone who understand themselves is likely to understand and relate well with others.

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