International Relation

Functions of international organization
International organization assists in cooperation between various states by setting up negotiation deals for these countries that are important for mutual understanding and coexistence (Ocampo, 89). International organization plays a vital role in collecting statistical data and information that can be useful to various countries in the world. After collecting these pieces of information, the organization disseminates them to all the countries.
International organizations do different functions; there are those that do the supervisory role, for example, United Nations. It is upon the international organization to strengthen the mechanisms that they use in order to have an impact on the countries they are dealing with. International organizations also set up multilateral and bilateral agreement among the states that are dealing with. Setting up multilateral agreements to the countries is significant because it helps in minimizing the cost that is involved in carrying out any transaction among the states (Ocampo, 102). Furthermore, it helps in availing lucidity and information. For negotiations, platforms for negotiation are set up, and central positions are constructed during negotiations.
Another role, which has assumed significant in the current times, is lending out technical assistance to the member states. By saying technical cooperation, we imply the rendering of intellectual or financial substance to the states, which need them. It is important to note that, for a proper development of a country, they have to be members of international bodies so as to have a strong negotiation power in the international forum.
International organizations take an active role in setting up international agenda, for example, they provide a place for the political plan. The organizations can also define important issues that may assist the government in making the right decisions pertinent to their development. Moreover, an international organization set a good environment where the business can thrive. In doing this, it ensures that there is the existence of peace in the global market.
Question B 2
United Nations Security Council
Security Council is charged with the responsibility of investigating any dispute that may arise and cause international friction (Wellens, 45). The council may decide on an appropriate procedure that may be used to prevent the occurrence of the dispute. However, in an event that the dispute has already occurred, the council can decide on appropriate steps that can be taken to end the dispute especially when it anticipates that the situation may endanger international peace. The book also seeks to address the chapter seven of the Council that addresses some of the measures the Security Council may take pertaining the threats to the peace. In such a situation, the council is not limited to any method they can use in order to restore the peace. They can even employ the use of armed force in order to restore peace.
The role of Security Council is defined in the UN Charter that charges the council with the following powers. One of them is to investigate to scrutinize any threatening situation to the global peace. Moreover, the council recommends the steps to be taken in order to restore the dispute and come up with the resolutions (White, 94). The council also calls for the participation of the members so as to interrupt economic relations. The last role that Charter defines is to enforce the decision related to the military should it be necessary to them.
It is worth noting that the United Security Council has contributed so much in preventing various disputes that would have otherwise led to a major war in case it was not prevented in time (Bosco, 65). Moreover, it has opened up various ways of negotiated settlements via its service of negotiation and debate for peace. The book also claims that as much as the world’s peace at times gets out of the hand of the Security Council, it does its best so as to ensure that the impact is not like it would have otherwise been. Nevertheless, the council appreciates the willingness of the conflicting parties to participate in debating as one way of finding the solution to the conflict among them.
The Security Council under the United Nations has evolved various generations of peace actions that have contributed so significantly to peace building. The Council posits that the civil war that usually affects the peace of the nations is usually as a result of the failure of these nations. It further says that civil wars arise when the citizens realize the policemen judges and soldier have completely failed to act as is expected of them.
Define and discuss the principle issues raised in pages of on economic development in the chapter of social, economic development.
One of the key domains of operations of the United States is enhancing economic development. The United States work inline wi9th its agencies to ensure that it promotes and facilitates the economic development through its member states. Moreover, promotion of higher standards of living, full employment, besides the conditions for both the soci8al and economic progress remain a paramount mandate of the United Nations. The UN is endowed with some unique strength that helps it promote both social and economic development. However, when it comes to decision making, both rich and poor countries will always have a voice.
Question c 4
Setting Agenda
One of the vital principle task done by the UN is setting new development of objectives in areas pertinent to development. This is one way of giving direction on the way forward to enhanced development. Some of the areas that the development agenda formulated by the UN encompass like, human rights, advancement of gender equality, environmental protection among other key aspects that are related to economic development. Moreover, it works hand in hand with countries to ensure that these objectives set are made a reality. For instance, in the year 2000, world countries through UN, came up with the millennium development goals whose aim was to exterminate extreme poverty and hunger in the world. In line with the same, other goals were like promoting gender equality, primary education, combating HIV and reducing child mortality rate. Among them, there was the need to reduce the number of people who live who earn less than a dollar in a day.
Pooling of resources
Pooling of resources is the same meaning as gathering the scarce resources from every corner and then using these resources to promote economic development. The UN has always gathered resources from its agencies so as to tackle various economic problems. In the same line, it continues to defy the efforts of any country acting in solitude. Agencies the World Bank help very much in both social and economic developments. UN has various agencies like UNICEF, UNDP, World Bank, and WHO. It, therefore, pools resources from these agencies so as to help in combating or rather achieving a common goal (Magariños, 76). Pooling of resources has always helped the UN to combat major economic challenges that would otherwise be very difficult to combat. A lot of impacts have been yield to ensure that many economic benefits are achieved from the pooled resources. Furthermore, the agencies work hand in hand with the most relevant authorities and agencies to ensure that the pooled resources are equitably used to cater for the challenges.
Disaster risk reduction
Disasters are phenomena that may have the effect of causing more risks to members of society. The disasters have the effect of destroying communities even in a matter of seconds. From this perspective, UN is working on building resilience so as to promote economic development to its agencies. The United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR) is the UN agency that works hand in hand with the Member States so as to facilitate disaster reduction. Disaster would otherwise result in losses of lives, assets besides other facilities. Gender Equality and empowerment of Women
Gender-based violence has persisted in our societies. UN has seen that development begins with respect to humanity and has always worked for a hand in hand with other countries so as to promote both gender equality and gender equity. As UN puts it as gender equality is not just a human right that should be upheld, it is also fundamental and instrumental to both peaceful co-existences and also development. UN has ende3aqvored to ensure that this vice is exterminated from our midst. It has strived to ensure that women are protected. Gender equality has a great effect of increasing the productivity of all members of the society. Empowering women will also facilitate their productivity and also promote economic development. Violation of rights of women has always been rampant in the third world country t6hough UN has worked towards reducing these vices.
Question D 1
Research project
I chose the research topic out of my will and personal interest. I got the topics too interesting to me and too relevant to the modern situation. The economic perspectives that are discussed in the topic ever been by concern following what the world faces today economically. I wanted to understand truly what big world agencies like the UN have done so as to combat it.
Moreover, the current security breach that the world faces also compelled me to choose the topic of Security Council. I felt the need to understand what best the UN Security Council can offer. Furthermore, the understanding the international relation is my forever area of interest.

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