Innovation/Change Models

Discussion 1 (1 pg)

View the Seth Godin video about innovation, Seth Godin: How to get your ideas to spread. Think of an innovative company and explain how its ability to adapt has enabled the organization to remain competitive in its industry. 

Seth Godin is absolutely right when he said that “ideas that spread win.” We would not have known about many services and products that are being used today had we not been told about them. The main reason for this is due to the fact that people choose something based on the testimony that is provided by others. An example of a company that is very innovative within its industry is Apple Inc. It is a very innovative firm that has remained competitive in the industry because of its ability to adapt as a result of its specific capabilities in areas that permit them to adapt to and promote change. Apple has extensive research and developments as well as ability to acquire other firms which are two dynamic capabilities that have enabled the company to evolve with rapid change (Godin, 2003).

The departure of Steve Jobs paved the way for Tim Cook who initiated several reorganizations for the innovation and later introduced iPod and iPhone that changed the consumer device market forever. The company offers stylish as well as easy-to-use devices that are very innovative. It has been able to reorganize its structure to adapt to the modern innovated industry. Apple has been a key component for the industry change in the consumer electronics because of its ability to increase the technological advances in its industry. The good leadership of Tim Cook has helped in the innovation by redesigning the firm and pushing it towards the adaptive structure in the competing technological device industry (Godin, 2003).

Discussion 2 (1 pg)

Read the article, “Are You Managing Change Or Leading It?” Based on the information in the article, the author explains that change is inevitable. Which of the four things suggested to create a culture that is compatible with change do you believe is the most important and why? The author explained the importance of having a vision. How have your past leaders shared their vision for change with you? What could they have done differently to be more proactive to change?

Change is inevitable; however, it is often resisted by employees.  Organizations which enjoy consistent success have made change an abiding element within the organization’s business model. Such organizations have created an environment and culture where change occurs when necessary (Cummings & Worley, 2014). There are four things that can be used in creating a culture that is compatible with a change such as making a strong case, establishing the vision, sustaining the changes and anticipating maintenance. However, the most important one is establishing the vision. Successful changes usually happen when individuals within an organization effectively understand the vision of the project. Therefore, the management should make an effort of making the stakeholders to see the long-term benefits of change. Establishing the vision is important because when it is clearly communicated to the employees, it keeps them on the same page about the change, moving forward (Blasingame, 2013).

My past leaders have detailed the core values of the organization as well as the vision for a change by communicating clearly with the employees. He kept the message simple but deep in meaning which has influenced strategy as well as decision making. The vision for a change was well articulated for the employees. The management could have made the necessary investment to be more proactive to change. Employees are very important assets to the company and communicating directly with them help on internalizing the company’s strategy. Engaging with employees through social media, blogs, networking, and games helps in getting their full attention by catching them somewhere they least expect (Cummings & Worley, 2014).

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