Information Security

Discussion – Information Security
One of the largest problems with information security in healthcare has been access to information. Inappropriate use by authorized users is also a problem. Let’s discuss the fact that staff (RN, unlicensed personnel, etc) may have system access to view healthcare information of patients and they are not directly responsible for their care.
Write one to two paragraphs discussing the following:
Is it appropriate for the staff to view patient’s information even though they are not directly caring for the patient? Why or why not
What part does HIPAA and the HITECH Act play in this situation?

The following must be in the discussion:
Discussion post is well presented and organized.
• Reference is cited.
• Post includes reflection, analysis, elaboration, synthesis and/or evaluation of information.
• Personal insights: How this information impacts the role of a nurse educator/nurse administrator and
• How it can be applied to nursing education/administration.
Cite at least one reference

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