Individual Perceptions

In the workplace there is diversity of perception that arises from level of education, experience, age, culture and religion. In my efforts towards conflict management, I consider individual perception as a key factor in achieving desirable results. I believe that people have differing opinions on various issues that include undertaking a task. In that case, I prefer assigning people with different perceptions same task, after they are through, I ask them about their experience. I am aware that individual perception is influential in their values. In fact, I will emphasize extraction of the positive outcomes from ones perceptions.

My observation on early reporting to job and dress code taught me critical issues in management. For a better understanding of these people, I initiated management change of perception towards their demand and lifestyle (Espinoza & Schwarzbart, 2015).I am aware of the use of modern technology in the company which is in tandem with various individual perceptions, but rules and regulations must be put in place to censure application.I would equally promote  adoption of social media in some aspects of informal communication and provision of such recreational services in the workplace would help in reducing the pressure among employees.

I noted that my Perceptions on management need to be redefined to promote more investment towards development of talent, identification of potential. This will support the people with diverse perceptions  in their quest for self-actualization and freedom of the mind. Conflict management therefore comes in handy for the companies to reduce the high employee turnover and the prospect of mass social misfits.

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