implications about Arby’s

Here’s some questions about Arby’s fast food restuarant I need them to be answered.

what do the results mean in terms of developing the subsequent advertising? what direction does the research supply in terms of what the advertising should be like? (we are thinking of a billboard ad) for example what product positioning does the research suggest? Does the research have implications for target group selection? (YES) Are there any implications with regard to the wording of advertsing? the tone? and so on.


A- Advertising should be more engaging and informative (people are not aware of Arby’s)

B- Using humor would improve brand image from boring to more exciting/up-to-date

C- Wording should be short and to the point (don’t want to waste their time looking for/choosing a fast food place; they D- want a place that is fast, convenient, and has variety)

E- Tone of advertising should be funny and high-energy

F- Advertising should target college students since they visit fast food restaurants at least once or twice a week

G- They can gain more customers by improving marketing and offering promotions in addition to their ads on TV/print

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