Impact of War on Fashion

Fashion can be understood as a popular trend that has been embraced by people especially in styles of dressing up and ornaments or accessories. It is, therefore, the prevailing custom on what people find more appealing to dress in. Some actors influence fashion among them war.  In the period of 1940 -1946, the events of World War II strongly influenced fashion (BBC, 2015).

Similarly, the more recent wars have had an impact on fashion. These include the following: Women tailored their husband’s clothes into ladies clothes. They include the boyfriend coat that became popular in the recent days. Also with the harsh economy that accompanies war periods, clothes are patched on the elbow to make them last longer. This has enabled families to conserve fabric and save some money (Mason, 2011).

This season, a number to reference for war can be seen on the runway include the make do and mend. This involves the use of the outdated and worn fashion to make a new garment that can be worn again. Additionally, the high heels “wedges” that have little leather and rubber manufactured with wood and cork. Further, shorter skirts and jackets have been showcased in the runways today which were initial as a result of a shortage of fabric in the war periods. Also finding its space in the runway today is the military camouflage. This was popularly referred to as “combat” have been designed depicting the military fatigues (CNN, 2013).


The following pictures illustrate war influence on fashion



Image 1. Wedge made of wood and little leather.

Image 2. Military fashion influenced by war.

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