a case study about IKEA there are four Qs , answer them with the exact word count , in essay formatte the questions are : 1- 1. Apply the Hard Systems Method to this IKEA situation case, including spry diagram in order to brainstorm, analyse and make suitable recommendations. Provide a detailed narrative explaining your thinking process. (1500 words) 2- 2. What are the main insights or new understandings that you gained from the application of HSM to the IKEA case study? (400 words) 3-What are the main criticisms of the “Hard systems method”? To what extent do you agree with these criticisms? (400 words) 4- 4. What is CATWOE? What do the letters stand for and how is this tool used (based on the case study)? (400 words) the Qs are in the file uploaded

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