HVAC Problem Definition




DATE:                        October 31, 2016

SUBJECT:      HVAC Problem Definition

For some time now, a critical problem has developed within the organization. There has been an HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) problem within the plant and many products have perished. There has been an indoor environmental discomfort to the employees due to lack of thermal comfort as well as acceptable indoor air quality. According to the store clerks and storekeepers, there has been a 10 percent increase in the perished goods as well as 12% reduction in the productivity of other employees due to unsafe and unhealthy building conditions as a result of lack of regulation for humidity and temperature hence the lack of fresh air from outdoors.

This problem has been caused by the old conditions of the HVAC systems as well as technical hitches in their operations which have consistently made them unable to control the ambient environment. Previous attempts to solve this problem have included hiring technicians to fix them, but this has not been successful because the system is obsolete. After the repair, they work for some time and then develop technical problems again. The HVAC systems must be planned for and operated together with other data center components like cabling, computing hardware, physical security system, data storage, power, and fire protection to ensure that they work effectively which has not been the case with our organization.

The problem must be addressed now to reduce or eliminate the losses suffered due to the reduction in employee productivity and perishing of the products. In case the problem is not addressed soon, the unacceptable temperatures and humidity ranges will make the organization to suffer huge financial losses. This may lead to negative publicity for the organization as many of its products will be defective and harmful to the customers.

I strongly recommend that the organization take immediate action to resolve the HVAC issue.

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