HRM Interview

As a human resource professional, what are some of the strategies you put in practice for effective human resource management?

What are some of the associated challenges that your strategies are confronted with?

How can one create an effective human capital strategy?

How do you align the human resource systems with the strategic goals of the organization?

Does it improve the outcome in terms of achieving the organization’s targets?

How do you address talent management issues within the organization?

How about capacity building of employees?

How do you add value?

How do you measure your Human Resource Management effectiveness?

As a human resource professional, in what ways do you engage in the strategic business activities?

What resources do you use to produce to produce your HR policies and practices?

How does the policies and practices you produce affect your pool of talents ?

How do the differences in the quality of the talent pools within your organization affect the strategic success of your organization?

What is the fundamental issues you keep in view while hiring, training and or rewarding the organization’s personnel?

How do you engage yourself in the strategic activities of the organization?

How do you measure the impact of your HR activities?

How does the practices and policies you have in place affect your talent pool?

How do you link your strategies with the talent pool you have in place?

How do you filling the professional gaps that you may have as a human resource professional?

How do you handle the issue of unionization of employees?

What challenges do you face with regards to issues of employee social security?

What is the most difficult issue about employee compensation?

What challenges do you face when negotiating organization liability with regards to employee safety?

What are the main issues that need to be taken in consideration when planning for employee recruitment?

What are the best strategies to apply in employee screening?

What is the main challenge that affects the employee recruitment within an organization?

In order to ensure the right employee is hired, what critical issues need to be put in to consideration?

What strategies do you use to analyze the work to be done by employees?

How do you address the challenge of analyzing the work by employees?

How do you identify talents from employees?

How do you nature the talent to ensure it is productive to the organization?

What strategies do you use to ensure the training offered to the employees improve their capacity in a sustainable manner?

As a apart of employee training, the role that coaching does cannot be downplayed. How do you ensure that your new employees get the right coaches to help them grow professionally at work?

How do you address the problem of employee turnover that as an organization you have invested so much on through trainings?

What employee motivation strategies do you use to ensure the productivity of your employees are maximized so that the organization objectives can be achieved effectively?


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