How I See Children

My professional philosophy is children learn through play. All in all activities the teacher designs for children can be the play based activities. Assessment is an integral part of learning process. It plays a constant role in system of learning, not just classifying learners or awarding points; it gives information to the teacher or instructors an insight of how the learners are grasping information being taught and planning on the best ways of teaching. It acts as guiding tool, outlines the learners on the steps to be undertaken in learning, creating awareness and checking on the progress of the learner. Bringing out clearly what has been learnt. It shows the success so far, one can plan for intervention if need be or giving support to the continuous process of leaning.

Children learn through play, they can gain knowledge everywhere. They also need teacher’s interactions sometimes. Teaching is an art on its own as a profession. It is a burden of ensuring you give your best and get the desired feedback. But it’s not always you get a positive feedback. There is the value being placed as set of standard in education system. Working with children is delicate. They are still growing and their mind still fragile. Whatever you teach them is what they grasp. As a teacher you can either motivate a child or demoralized depending on the statement one say, you have o be careful and try be at your best while interacting with children. You have to take into account the key figure which is the development of a child. You are bringing up the citizens of tomorrow and what you teach them is what they will do. From character to behavior to dressing, as a teacher you are a role model.



For children: to examine how a child develops and learn in specific areas. Find the child’s strength and weakness, then, can have a specific plan for a child. For the teacher : after assessing the children , the teacher can have a better understanding of the children, and can make the specific teaching strategies for the children depending with the kind of response they have received after the assessment. Therefore it is compulsory for one to assess the children that they are teaching.

Given my profession as a teacher, I prefer combining observation and test together. It gives the ultimate feedback; one can notice a weakness from just observing the child in which the test did not bring out and the same goes by the test. You can notice something from the test in which you did not get from observation.

Assessment have various feedbacks, with assessment comes effects. Looking at the child there are some risk involved. From a child viewpoint, the result of assessment means a lot to him or her. It’s not just a piece of information collected but a reflection of themselves. They’re learning life, accepting to be part of the learning. In mind comes his or her own relationship with the teacher and also with their peers. Feedback of the result of assessment and how the teacher reacts matters a lot. For example after assessment and the child seems to be performing poorly, he or she will start being aggressive to others or withdraw. It’s the way the teacher handles the child that will help change their attitude. Times its good to encourage them and give them extra attention in order to improve. It’s not always easy for them to handle matters at stake. For well performers they feel they are heading somewhere and will be happy always and want to shine more.


For the professionals, these are the teachers or instructors. Assessment comes with risk involved.  As a professional it may not always be smooth as expected. Times one meets with challenges which arises with assessment, for a child who performs poorly during assessment will start having a negative attitude towards you as the teacher. Also time’s children may be cunning and act in a manner that gives you a false feedback which in the end makes you to make wrong judgments because of the results.

With all this risks involved one has to taken some steps to counter such aspects in assessment. As a professional in these area always have a way of assessing your learners, let them know and understand why they have to undergo through all those assessment. Be keen while making basement and create a conducive environment for the learners. Look at the weakness and strength of the learner and maximize it to their full potential and also use it to your advantage. Plan it well and in good times having clear guidelines that give you directions. For the learner make sure you don’t neglect even the slightest change in them. Always keep on encouraging them and supporting them in areas, everyone has their own pace of understanding what is being taught.

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