Homelessness is a problem that many people associate with poor and desolate backgrounds. Most of us, with a stable employment and a home to call ours today, tend to associate homelessness with the rest of the people who are in a worse position than we are. Further, we tend to believe that since we already have homes today, it is almost impossible to revert to a homeless situation in the future. However, such a predicament should not be thought as too far away from our lives. Anyone can find themselves homeless within a very short time. The example of Mr. Smith is a real eye-opener for all people who perceive their current situation permanent and unshakable.

Mr. Smith is a homeless man who lives at a homeless shelter in the twin cities. However, unlike most of other homeless people at the shelter, Mr. Smith has not been homeless for a long time. In fact, he has previously owned a home and a well-established profession. How things turned to the current situation, and he found himself in a predicament is a lesson that only him can teach.

Mr. Smith is a qualified psychologist who has been in practice for over forty years. His success in the profession can be seen through his ability to establish and run a practice even before his retirement from formal employment. He has also been married for twenty-five years and lived with his wife in Kentucky. The life he was living during his own time has not been any different from that of any other middle-class, employed persons in the country. He even had an active medical insurance scheme for his family and lived a normal and comfortable life.

Mrs. Smith was diagnosed with cervical cancer several years ago. This situation became the major turning point for the Smiths. The medical insurance scheme that they had been paying for could not cover all the expenses of cancer treatment. It was the responsibility of Mr. Smith as the head of the family to meet them on his own. Having exhausted all his savings, Mr. Smith sold his practice and later his home to cover the medical bills. The situation turned to the worst only after 18 months of fighting cancer. Mrs. Smith passed away in the hospital. Mr. Smith was consumed by grief, depression, and anger. In addition to being a widower, he was now jobless, homeless and due to the medical bills, he was bankrupt.

Mr. Smith moved back to twin cities and is staying at the shelter. However, he has not lost hope and even participates in the feeding and cooking for other homeless people in the shelter. During the day, when he cannot stay in in the shelter, he reads to the residents of a nursing home nearby. Mr. Smith still believes that homelessness is not his portion and is working with a social worker who has assisted him to find an apartment. However, he has no job and the large medical bill to be paid before he can get any placement.

Life is filled with challenges and each day has surprises for everybody. Being homeless is not a choice but a result of predicaments and misfortunes. As observed, Mr. Smith has never thought of himself being homeless at the age of 75 years. His predicament shows that most of the people who are homeless found themselves in the situation due to life’s misfortunes that can happen to anyone.

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