History of Western Society

Western society

Text we use: A History of Western Society Since 1300-11th Edition

Short Essays—

The purpose of each short essay is to show the instructor your understanding of the materials presented in class.  The student should concisely synthesize and draw a logical conclusion.


The short essay is to be 2-3 pages in length.  The work must be completed using the APA style sheet.  You need not provide a portfolio covers, cover sheet or outline (parts of the standard APA format), but must include a reference page and quotes and internally reference as needed.  On line Encyclopedias, including CD ROM formats are not considered academically appropriate sources for papers.  The Internet has some excellent resources, but be extremely carefully about its usage, be sure the materials are from a credible source, such as government or educational formats.  If using the Internet as a source, include the entire address of the source in the reference page.  These papers may require additional research and references materials to produce a concisely synthesized and logical paper.  The textbook may be used as a primary resource.  The assignments will be worth 50 points and will be graded using the above mentioned criteria and style.



Create a fictitious life for an individual living from 1800-1899 in Europe.  Name the person.  Give a location and year.  Describe the person’s housing, diet, life style, politics, religion, employment and social standing and the impression of the time in which they live.  (If you select an individual that does not full all the requirements, then discuss why not, i.e. women and politics).  A reference page is not required for this essay assignment (as the character and materials are fictitious).  It can be written in first person.


Essay Film Inspirations

shaka Zulu

Young Victoria

War and Peace

Charge of the Light Brigade

Jack the Ripper

The Importance of Being Ernest

Wuthering Heights

Master and Commander

Portrait of a Lady


Four Feathers

Count of Monte Cristo

Ghost and the Darkness

Pride and Prejudice


Sense and Sensibility

Age of lnnocence


Tale of Two Cities

Les Mis

Oliver Twist

Far and Away

lmmortal Beloved


Scarlet Pimpernel

Horiato Hornblower

Sherlock Holmes


Tom Jones

Vanity Fair

Her Majesty Mrs. Brown

Anna and the King

Jane Eyre



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