Hiking is the kind of term that is attributed to a lot of things in the world today. The question is, what does it really mean? Is it an Amazon jungle or is it something more extraordinary? It is a kind of a long leisure walk that is usually carried out in a natural setting. These natural settings may be a river side, on top of a mountain or in the country sides. This kind of activity is very common in the United States of America and Canada as well. It came into existence in the eighteenth century as a result of the ever-changing feeling and attitude towards nature and landscape. That is one of the outdoor activities that necessitate the use a hanging tent.

Hanging tents are defined to be the artificial kind of fabric shelter that is used as a resting space for those on leisure e.g. while visiting the national parks. The hanging tents can also be established on the side of rock cliffs to provide shelter to the rock climbers and to act as sleeping shelters for the hikers. The hanging tents are primarily small in size and light; this makes it easy to move with it to any geographical location. It is also economical to those visiting the parks as compared to the price of hotel services that are offered in some parks.

Hanging tents effectiveness and durability is supported with many qualities. One, they are made of fabric that separates them from wet, the strong sunshine heat and protection away from some small dangerous animals in the park e.g. snakes. The suspension of a hanging tent also separates one from the bumpy and rough terrain of the hiking areas.

This study will focus on hanging tents and the uses in rock climbing, mountain climbing and visiting of the national parks.

Third point:

Mountain climbing-an art of climbing up the mountains and it also involves the use of hanging tents to provide shelter and for catching some rest.


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