Health sciences and medicine

The government is dedicated to ensuring the good and improved health of its citizens through the use of the advancing technologies. This includes ensuring that researchers, clinicians, and families have access to the tools, resources and the information they need to live healthier and safer lives.

The investments done over the past years to encourage the adoption of electronic health records allowed patients, pharmacists, physicians and emergency personnel to access information securely and quickly. This enhanced collaboration, improved decision making and accuracy. Due to the collective efforts which include partnering with private and public sectors, electronic records are widely used by the doctors and hospitals to care for the patients.

The Launch of the Precision Medicine Initiative: This was done in Last year, it included bold research efforts to hasten innovation and set up a new era of medicine by the use of digital data. Precision Medicine will aid match the most recent treatments to the requirements of individuals, reducing health disparities and bringing America closer to overcoming epidemics and curing major diseases  e.g. opioid misuse and Cancer respectively.

The government has worked to make clear an individual’s legal right to access their health information and broadcast it where ever they choose to. These efforts assist advance our Administration’s principle of nurturing the perfect and safe flow of electronic health information where and when it is required most.

Lastly, President Obama called for the spirit of togetherness and collaboration to build future of better health and wealth for the coming generations.


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