Health Maintenance Organization

Health is one of the most basic needs that a human being deserves in order for comfort to be upheld in life. There has been a proliferation of health maintenance organizations in the recent past, all being an effort by the stakeholders to see to it that health services become not only affordable but also easily accessible for all and sundry. The HMOs provide a wide range of services right from catering for consultation services to the advanced care. However, they vary from one HMO to the other and the customers should choose the one which suits their needs best. In all cases, the customers are required to contribute to the organization prior to their coverage.

The HMOs have many financial advantages to its subscribers, for instance, the doctor visit payments can be forecasted easily unlike other insurance plans like the fee for service cover. This allows the patient to plan for the co-payments. Apart from that, out of pocket expenses on Medicare become quite low for its users. The members are also required to provide fixed monthly fees, this favors them as the frequency of service use is not taken into consideration.  On the other hand, there are challenges faced by the customers who subscribe to the HMO services, for example, the freedom to choose another doctor besides the one the identified at first becomes impossible. The patient is literally stuck with one doctor, which can disadvantage the patient at times. Moreover, in case a patient may require specialized care, it becomes difficult, as the patient must get a referral first. Besides that, the HMOs also have limited the type of the services they provide to only emergency or referral (Claxton, 2013).

The Molina health care and Coventry health care both of which are in the state of Florida are good examples of HMOs (Coventry healthcare Florida 2016).

Comparison of Molina healthcare services to Coventry healthcare services


Molina Healthcare Coventry health care
1.      It provides discounts for doctor care visits

2.      Requires members to pay for the contributions in advance

3.      The members have to produce member ID for their details to be proved

1.      Provides discounts for doctor care visits

2.      Members provide payments for them to be accepted as bonafide in the service provision

3.      Requires the prove of membership through the provision of an ID





Contrasting Molina health care services to Coventry healthcare services

Molina Healthcare Coventry health care
1.      Provides up to 20% discounts on doctor visit services

2.      The organization does not provide discounts for wellness services

3.      The service provision is only restricted to Florida. The members may not be covered if they solicit for the same services out of the set region.

1.      The discount for doctor visit is not pegged at any percentage

2.      Coventry healthcare provides a wide array of wellness services to its members all of which are discounted

3.      The members can access services even outside the region that they had registered for provided they produce their identity.


In order to reach out to new members concerning the importance of the HMOs, I would prepare brochures highlighting the benefits, which can derive from the organizations. This will entail the wide range of services offered by the different organizations. The brochures can be distributed to the patients and where possible additional explanations offered. This will go a long way in entrenching in their mindsets the knowledge concerning the availability of cheaper services.

The HMOs are the best option when it comes to making of health care services affordable to even the most underprivileged in the society. It is, therefore, imperative that one should consider being a member in one of them as the benefits that can be reaped are many. Once the society embraces this services it can be expected to revolutionize the manner in which individuals approach and consume healthcare services for the better.




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