Health Information systems-health care


The current health information system in the department has been found to be faulty. First, the system has created loopholes for data loss and improper allocation of resources. Secondly, the duty allocation of the resources does not recognize the dire need for improved admission and discharge system. This paper is an implementation plan for an upgrade of the health information system in the department.

System Overview

Currently, the health information system allows even unqualified personnel such as the cleaners and the casual staff to be involved in the admission and discharge of patients from the department. This has made quality assurance an uphill task which then leads to poor documentation. This, in turn, makes it impossible for the department to make an adequate follow-up of the patients once discharged. The upgraded system will ensure that the qualified nurses are the ones who are central to the admission and discharge process. This is expected to introduce professionalism into the system and makes the process a quality practice.

Internal Communication

To enhance acceptance and compliance, the upgrade practice will be communicated directly to the staff. All the changes will be discussed and allocations proposed. Voluntary involvement will be first considered before allocation.

User Preparation

All the users will be communicated to before the implementation. This will be done through posters and direct involvement. This will prepare the users and make them aware of the changes.

System Testing

The first week of the implementation will be a testing period.  A pilot program will be done in one of the units selected by the users. The effectiveness of the system will be tested, and monitoring and evaluation did with the help of external experts. This testing will lead to proposed improvements and changes.

System Conversion

After the one-week testing, a roll-over will be done, and the old system will be replaced all over the department, in all units and sub-units. Continuous quality control, monitoring, and evaluation will continue.

System Support

All the activities during the implementation will be documented. The log will be used as the system support to ensure that all the activities are in line with the system requirement and improvements needed.

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