Harlem Renaissance


The argument on Harlem Renaissance’s role in shaping literary techniques in Countee Cullens work is true. Thematic emphasis on punishment is supported by the symbolism as explained by a man pushing a big stone up the hill. Critical assessment of the work explores the relevance of literary techniques in boosting overall understanding of underlying concepts. The post notes the additional influence of imagery in showing the expression of the writer. I accept the writer’s assertion that use of imagery boosts the audiences’ understanding and appreciation of the work. In fact, overall presentation of the post reflects in-depth coverage of the literary work.

Besides, the comment on Hughes poem “The Negro Speaks of Rivers.” is an evident significance of imagery. The river is a common feature among many people and using it to express one’s idea explore better understanding. The work mentioned has stood the test of time as likened to the river and this strengthens the argument of the writer. The widespread use of water in other works like Hemmingway’s “Big Two Hearted River: Part 1”; and “The Open Boat” symbolizes survival against different environment and explore the literary skills of the authors. The claims made by the posts are acceptable and follow the laws in the literary world.

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Question 2


Life requires consistent balance as it has its challenges in different ways. The argument of the writer is a common experience that life comprises happy moments and sad times. In that respect, people must learn to take every experience positive and adopt appropriate remedial measure for every situation. In the issue of history, each event is significant in leaving an indelible mark in the society. However, the creativity on individuals can hep in deriving important historical information for every event. In that respect, works like “Yet Do I Marvel” explores the creativity of writer to create a literary work from past events that reflects on daily life. Besides, assertion of the writer that life can throw anything to an individual is indisputable. The post emphasizes need to be prepared for anything through supportive literary evidence from other readings. The writer also explores the use of literary tools to show how people can approach life challenges. Considering the books “The Open Boat” and “Two Big-Hearted River” water is used to explain how life can be exposed to rough circumstances like a nearly capsizing boat under intense storm in the sea. Combining literary skills with history to communicate the way life is makes the argument of this post valid and acceptable.

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Question 3

Research studies need to focus on issues that affect society and have not been remedied. In that regard, even academic research papers must seek to find solution for some problem that has partially or completely not considered but affect the society. The choice of problem must be based on feasible resolution approach and research design. In essence, Dording et al. (2015) has chosen a health related problem that has characterized society with grave consequences on victims and family members. The relevance of the topic is unquestionable as it addresses a serious health issue that has been observed and studied for some time.  The success of the research can also be attributed to non-based approach with respect to strict adherence to sampling method, data collection and analysis. Besides, repetition of the experiment with accurate variable measurement techniques would yield valid and reliable results. The idea of the writer explores the creative and discipline on the part of the researcher from research question objective, research design and relevance of the issue in contemporary society. I therefore feel that the claims piut forward by the post are in line with expected standard of research study and follows fundamentals of reliable and valid finding for sustainable recommendations.



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Question 4

This post offers an insight into the research design concepts and its relevance to the research question. This post emphasizes need to collect data and analyze it without any skewed interest in outcome. The questionnaire offered critical information on the deductive reasoning among victims and non-victims of the dreaded sexual abuse. Random sampling is emphasized by the writer as key in yielding unbiased results. Besides taking the people who are not victims as control experiment will provide a clear distinction into the experiences hence facilitate clarity in objectives of the survey. The sample size taken by the research is considered as representative of the overall population and this validates the generalized results. The writer’s position on hypothesis formulation is in line with the acclaimed research standards. Emphasis on the data collection method and different analysis techniques is encouraged in any research and the post points out the same. In that respect, standardized procedures are critical in resolving possible errors during the research hence rule out the influence of extraneous variables. The argument of the writer on the significance of research design, objectivity, hypothesis and analysis are acceptable.

Blanchette, I., Lindsay, P., Davies, S. (2014, June 13.). “Intense Emotional Experiences and Logicality: An Exploration of Deductive Reasoning.” The Psychological Record, 64, 4, 859 – 867. Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com.ezproxy2.apus.edu/docview/1627659957?pq-origsite=summon&accountid=8289
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Question 5

The concept of conditioning in learning is critical in shaping the psychological tendencies of an individual. As the writer put it, Watsons initial experiment did not yield result in as far as the behavior of the child towards rats is concerned. The underlying factor is evident lack of a stimulus. However, after bringing in the noise factor, the child responded and associated such animals with fury hence developing phobia. The comparative analysis of this experiment with Pavlov’s dog experiment forms basis of understanding possible remedial measures against phobia. The emphasis on behavior therapy is critical in regard to offering solution to the psychological challenges attributed to diverse phobias among people. Children are particularly targeted as their cognitive skills and psychological development depends on observed situations. In that respect, behavior therapy focusses on relaxation as the best remedial measure to initiate steady withdrawal phobia syndrome in a person. Introduction of desensitization therapy in the psychological challenges like in the case of Albert is useful in offering a wider scope of remedial therapy for people with such conditions. The argument in this case explores the appropriate approach that therapists should apply for different cases in line with the underlying theories that explain the cause of the observed phobia. The position of the writer is acceptable and useful for further research.

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Question 6

The overriding influence of environment on an individual has always been the center of debate when it comes to debate on human behavior. The assertion of Albert on the need to establish a cognitive model to identify the causes of observed human behavior is true. Albert notes that human behavior is not predetermined as claimed by other scholars on the grounds of genetic affiliation. However, he emphasizes that cognitive development is a function of social environment. Critical evaluation of Albert’s idea explores the influence of conditioned response as responsible in shaping psychological status of a person. Although gene plays some role in overall character of a person, direct influence of acquired training contribute immensely in shaping their personality. Giving examples of aggressive behaviors as resulting from observed by children while they are punished by parents, watch violence movies among others offers more practical evidence to the study. The post discusses the role of parental care in shaping the behavior of the children. Acquisition of cognitive skills among children is grounded on observed behavior and consequential response. In that regard, children from background characterized by violence and sexual abuse are likely to take up the same aggressive behavior. The argument on the position of Albert when it comes to behavioral development is acceptable.


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Question 7

The discussion is supported by research evidence and common observation. The composition of the brain and role differentiation emphasizes the memory. Considering the video offers a practical observation by people when it comes to memory tendencies among people. Role of hippocampus and amygdala goes beyond their physiological structure. Instead, their critical memory influence defines the level of one’s alertness and cognitive ability. According to the writer’s position on past literature review and the video clip, emotions plays a significant role in determining what information can be stored for a long time. In fact, emotional attachment with an incident decides its fate in the memory of an individual. Such an observation is supported by different incidences in daily life that is characterized by short term and long term memory considerations. The writer therefore shows the relationship between conditioned response and memory ability of an individual. It true that conditioned responses would obviously affect whether one can transfer specific information from short-memory to long-term memory. The argument of the research is acceptable and consistent with extensive research findings. The process of encoding and decoding information is subject to cognitive ability and mental fitness of a person in respect of cerebellum function in memory.

Pinel, J. (2014).  Biopsychology (9th edition). Pearson Publishing. Retrieved November 2, 2015 from http://online.vitalsource.com/books/9781269599597

Question 8

The practical approach towards the concept of memory acquisition, storage , consolidation and recall help in establishing the cognitive ability of a person. From the case study of HM, memory acquisition and consolidation are taken care of in different parts of the brain. Besides, they mean different things. Transfer of short-term memory to long term is subject to hippocampus’s interaction with the amygdala. In this relationship, process of memory acquisition and retrieval can be studied to challenge the misconception on hippocampus as the main center of memory in the brain. The research as evidenced in the HM refutes such a claim and explores other structural and functional units in the brain that define memory level differences among people. In essence, the writer derive his conviction from the video clip that apparently shoed the memory cycle and structures involved. In the explanation offed by the writer, acquisition is instantaneous and therefore involves one part of the brain. However, consolidation of memory is a long term event that enlists efforts of different structures in the brain. Besides, emotional aspect is incorporated in the process of consolidation. In that regard, the writer’s assertion that memory acquisition and consolidation are different and that hippocampus is not the main memory center is acceptable.

Question 9

Remedial measures towards panic and anxiety disorders emphasize use of Cognitive and relaxation therapy. It is an observed behavior that such conditions result from one’s inability to relax in tense circumstances comprising fear. The explanation on the post points out the difference between anxiety and panic.The cognitive aspect of the victims of the two conditions call for different treatment approaches. Past literature indicates that anxiety is less serious than panic. In that regard, a generalized relaxation and cognitive therapy can remedy victims of anxiety. The approach includes progressive training of the patient to relax in circumstances that instill fear and they are likely to recover with time. On the other hand, panic is a more serious case and would require cognitive therapy. It combines conditioned response with memory and may cause physical harm during reaction towards a given situation. The writer explores different levels of anxiety and panic outcomes. In that respect, remedial measures must be consistent with cause-effect relationship in each condition. Although generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) may be given general approach, panic is person-specific and requires in-depth understanding of victim’s cognitive history. The argument of the writer in support of much attention to panic victims through cognitive therapy is acceptable.


Siev, J., & Chambless, D. (2007). Specificity of Treatment Effects: Cognitive Therapy and Relaxation for Generalized Anxiety and Panic Disorders. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology , 75 (4)
Question 10

Two procedures under scrutiny in this case are portrayed as widely accepted. This could be as a result of many people experiencing either of the conditions. In, panic and anxiety is a daily experience and the grave consequences in extreme cases facilitates need to undertake research study on remedial measures. Relaxation therapy and cognitive therapy are the main remedial measures and should be administered on regular basis to reduce the increased cases of psychological instability among man people. The research is systematic and relevant to the needs of the society hence useful and recommended for further study. Exploring relaxation therapy and cognitive therapy to address rising cases of panic and anxiety problems attracts pubic support and scholarly research. Considering the concepts of psychology, the two remedial concepts cover most of the cases experienced. The writer’s assertion that Relaxation therapy and Cognitive therapy be given more attention concurs with my opinion.

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