Halloween Festival is an annual festival that people celebrate each and 1st if October of every year. However, the Halloween celebration is not an official holiday. It is a festival dedicated to the remembrance of the dead. However, though this is a Christian festival, its roots are in paganism (Rogers, 2003).

Halloween Festival

Halloween festival in my neighborhood is one the most valued festival.  31st of octobe3r the year 2005, Halloween Festival was one to reckon in my life.  It’s almost ten years down the line, but the memories are still fresh my mind. It was such a memorable in bo0th my family and the neighborhood. The celebrants included my family members, friends and co-0workewrs of my parents. The adults the joined us in the celebration though they spent most of their time watching the horror films, besides participating in the costume parties. However, some of the parents also extended their celebration by creating haunted houses and graveyards in our playgrounds. The home was decorated in the common and familiar Halloween style. The playground too was decorated in the same manner.

We had prepared for the activity and most children in the event dressed in fancy costumes. We had gathered at our home before we commenced the visitation of other homes in our neighborhood. At each and every home that we visited, we demanded such things like sweets, snacks besides some other forms of little gifts just as the events demands. As we walked from one house to another, we got various snacks, sweets and threatened the homes that never gave us anything. I can remember the way we could threaten the inhabitants of the housed that never gave us anything. During the move, we carried bowls that we used to put all the gifts that we received from different homes.  We also had a bowl of presents that we kept at our house to ensure that if anybody knocks at our door we could easily give the gifts unto them.

During the second face of our celebration, we decided to carve lanterns with some very scary faces. We used pumpkins since they were easily affordable. The rest used vegetables to curve with the scary faces.

During the night, we carried the logos of UNICEF on the cardboard boxes and night celebration that was done at night was a collection of coins instead of the other forms of gifts and Cindy


As the children move from house to house to collect the gifts, the way of collecting the gifts is a form of trick and treat. However, the parents may sometimes accompany the children to ensure that when they are treated, they are not harm.

As the children carve the pumpkins, the children do this as a way of warding off the evil spirits as per the custom and role played by this celebration.

Furthermore, the there are other numerous objects that are associated with the Halloween celebrations. The fire, the pumpkins, bones, skulls, the blood, fire beside the gravestones have a connection to death and are always used during this wonderful festival to symbolize death and the connection between the event and the spirit world. These objects are believed to give protection to the property of people. These objects are always in available in store to be used during the Halloween celebration.

The spooks and the ghosts besides the walking skeletons that are seen during the celebration always have the connection between the real world and the world of spirit.  They are a symbol of the connection between the dead and the living.  More often than not, the humans that are seen during these events are either witches or wizards that possess power connecting the spirit world and the living members of the society.  Moreover, there are also animals that are associated with this wonderful event. Such animals like bats, spiders, and the black cats. There is one common thing that these animals share in common. They are animals that are always associated with darkness.  Again, these animals are always linked with the witches and wizards.

As people keep the little bowls of presents, they prepare to appease the little spirits from the neighborhood, and this is the greatest essence of the event.  The Halloween celebration maxims support this aspect and have to be handled with lots of care,

The gifts collected from the Halloween celebration are to be given to the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF). . This is a form of extending a hand to the needy in our midst. The UNICEF uses the money to help the needy children in the society.


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