Group Leader Style

My leadership style is transformations leadership style. This is because I tend to work with the subordinates in identifying needed change, creating a vision guiding the change through inspiration and carrying out the change in tandem the group’s committed members. I always serve to enhance the moral, motivation, and job performances of the followers through connecting with their sense of identity and to the group’s collective identity (Sharp & Walter, 2004). I act as a role model to the followers thereby inspiring them and raising their interest in the project as well as challenging them to take ownership for their tasks or work. My world view is postmodernism where reality is socially constructed (Sharp & Walter, 2004). The values of this worldview are tolerance, inclusion, freedom of expression and refusal to claim that one person has all the answers. This worldview will further improve my transformational leadership style by involving the followers in the decision making through stimulating them to think independently to arrive at the best courses of actions (Sharp & Walter, 2004).
One challenge related to the transformational leadership style is misuse of influence. Transformational leaders use charisma in acting as role models for the group. They show the subordinates how to accomplish tasks with great determination and energy because they are respected and admired leaders (Sharp & Walter, 2004). In doing so they accept risks to achieve innovation; however, to prove their ability they might accept excessive risk that can be detrimental and disruptive to the group. For instance, they may be swayed to act unethically or morally thereby impacting negatively their work as the entire group suffers (Thomas & Pender, 2008).
However, in order to address the challenge of the misuse of influence, I will ensure that there is willingness to uncover the truth by involving all the group members in the decision making process. I will ensure there is no over reliance on enthusiasm but rather to broaden the willingness to delve into study, research and logical reasoning in facing the often-harsh truth regarding the situation of the group (Wilson et al. 2000).

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