Glotex App powered by FlashSoft’s AMP

Glotex has used flashsoft’s Application management platform to provide all management required by their App Flash services.
App flash attracts new sales and revenue opportunities for Glotex’ customers and the Application management platform help Glotex to offer this service with efficiency, more reliability and minimum costs.
Glotex is a small gaming firm that has struggled to make impact in the market due to limited customer knowledge about their products and stiff competition. In this wake of globalization, information technology is key to organization success. The increasing customer internet based interaction offer better business opportunity for this new firm. However, such new firms require unique technology to boost their sales and expand their popularity.
Prior to the invention of this technology, Glotex realized massive loss and had a small customer size. The effect was a progressive diminishing operational size of the firm and significant demoralization of the employees. Besides, the firm could not collect feedback from the customers to know its points of weaknesses and strength. On the other hand, established firms enjoy high revenue and dominate market through their superior technologies before the invention of FlashSoft.

Development of future generation application software
Glotex has brought a revolutionary online gaming taste through its new online platform in which customers interact with each other and make suggestion to the firm on their different needs. The online avenue has replaced the outdated games already downloaded and sold to the customer with limited opportunity to get consumer feedback on the performance of the product. In that regard, the new app has boosted customer odds when it comes to making appropriate choices of the types of games to be downloaded.
The online interactive platform also helps the firm to establish effective product customization process that seeks to sustain profits and reduce possible losses in respect of customer purchases of the games.
Glotex has realized significant market share in the North America region through this sophisticated innovation. In fact, statistical records show that the expanding customer community of the firms online platform has pushed its transactional processing to over five million; slightly closer to Xiaomi Inc.
The game download software at Glotex disposal is a blend of technologies that constitute innovation and creation of secure application that is in line with the rules and regulations of the government. Flashsoft App has an interface in which customers can do variety of things that range from interaction with friends, suggestions on future game modifications, downloading of games and participating in Glotex decision making on new products. The security of this interface has seen customer size expand and confidence on the company rise.

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