How did the geography affect the Greek city-states?

The Greek city-states emerged after the period commonly referred to as the Dark Ages. It is worth noting that there was no unitary nation called Greek. However, the different socio-economic and political units in their different ways of doing things collectively formed Greek. A chronological account of the Greek city states shows diverse factors that affected their formation. Geography played a critical role in influencing the establishment of the towns. Each city comprised villages banded together for administrative ease and trade (Farah,et al.104).
Greek constituted different physical features that dictated organization of cities, security measures and population size. Greek had several terrains, several offshore Islands, isolated valleys. These geographical features separated it into several dispersed lands with varying population size (Goldberg,et al.123). In that regard, it was difficult to form one unitary government that would oversee the socio-economic activities and administrative processes of each city. The result was the formation of several independent towns that had their language, leadership structure, worshipped same gods and expressed extreme loyalty to the city administration. Besides, the land features produced city states of different sizes hence the evident population disparities. The city states practiced different economic activities that range from agriculture to fishing. For instance, Corinth strategic location on the coast made it a key trading city with outstanding creativity in as far management of water was concerned. Athens’ education system, availability of social amenities was the envy of many other city-states.
The Mediterranean Sea is an aspect of geography that helped Greek to expand to parts of Egypt, Libya, Turkey and other parts of Europe. As the population expanded in some cities, navigation across Mediterranean was inevitable, and the result was the discovery of other colonies (Goldberg,et al.149). It is, therefore, clear that the presence of the sea promoted exploration for the creation of other cities while local landforms demarcated inter-state city boundaries.

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