The consumer control of purchasing decision has so far increased with the advent social media. The possibility of advertisement and the likes that perhaps a product gets enables a consumer to gain trust on the product as such they are able to make a decision to go for the product among the variety on offer (Frontline, 2014). However on the flip, one might get swayed by the likes. This might make them move with the masses rather than make their independent decision. Nonetheless, the availability of variety brought about by social media boosts the consumers control their purchasing control.

Social media has both positively and negatively affected human interactions. This includes alienation and addiction. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp, Reddit, Instagram among others have become a serious addiction for some further causing unexpected alienation. The impact also includes job opportunities, provision of positive connections that can inspire change in the right direction.

Social media has succeeded in empowering its users and democratizing media influence. This is owing to the fact that it has empowered individual citizens of different nations and promoted democratic ideals through enhancing the spread of information (Frontline, 2014). News and information have been democratized in that people can freely share information especially given the viral nature that news on social media tends to have.

Interaction with social media is changing overall socialization processes in the following ways. Social media as an agent of socialization has caused the people to spend more time in them, therefore impacting on their norms, values, behaviors and personal identity acquisition. This sites, therefore, alter the socialization landscape causing social media contagion effect in their lives.


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