freshman college students being required to live on campus or not

Freshmen College Students being required to live on Campus

Should the freshmen college students in the country be required to live on campus? This is a question that has attracted a major debate among students, parents and other stakeholders in the education system. For many years, colleges have been structured in such a way that all students are ideally required to stay on campus(Inkelas et al., pp432). This is evident from the construction of hostels and halls of residence in almost all the colleges in the country and the inclusion of the residential fees in the main fees structures for the colleges. Even with these observation, there are a lot of people who regard campus residence as degrading and indicative of students prematurity and inability to care for themselves. However, there is also an observation that living on campus especially for freshmen will benefit them to adapt to the college life better and be more comfortable(Willoughby and Carroll, p243). This paper is an argumentative essay which is based on the thesis that living on campus is more beneficial for freshmen college students.

Students who qualify in most of the colleges in the country come from more than one areas within and out of the neighborhood of the college. This means that majority of them cannot commute from their homes to college. Being in a new environment, freshmen students are better of housed within the campus to allow them time to acclimatize with the environment and be able to manage themselves and their own affairs and lives(Inkelas et al., p 409). Since most of these students are rather young and inexperienced, it is more beneficial for them to live on campus where they can slowly learn the basics of life and be able to live on their own.

Besides being a good and safe entry point into adult life and a life of responsibilities, living in campus is also more convenient for freshmen students to live on campus. The environment within the campus allow them to easily access major education facilities and provisions such as the library and classes as they get used to college life. They are therefore kept away from the hustles of life and allowed to start college life on a very comfortable note that puts them and their parents at ease. The convenience that living on college provides the students is very important for the education of the students(Gordon, p 110).

The counterargument on this topic is that living in campus is more insecure for the freshmen students than living outside campus. In the campuses, the inexperienced freshmen students are an easy target for criminals and even drug lords who start as friends to the students and later lead them to crimes immorality. When students live out of the campus, they are integrated into the larger community where they cannot be easily targeted by criminals(Enochs and Roland, p73).

Freshmen college students are a very volatile and yet useful group of people. As they start their college life, they need an environment where they are assured of their security and easy move into adult and responsibility life. In the college campus, the students can easily be assured of these provisions. In addition, the college authority can more easily protect the students in the campus than outside the campus.

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