Force for Capitello Wines Company

Brief description of the company

Capitello Wines was established in the year 2003 in Oregon by Rey Welsh. Before starting the company, he was working for King Estate Winery. Rey is considered to have a vast knowledge in making the wine and in the past he has won several awards. This has earned him a good reputation in the field, thus placing his company on a better competition grounds. Wines are manufactured in Willamette Valley, together with Rey’s local state of New Zealand. This enables Capitello Wines to have one of its kind organization strategies that can showcase various flavors of wine in different parts of that of the world.

Forces that explain Capitello wines performance

The dynamic and competitive Wine industry requires firms to be innovative to survive. Capitello wines have both success history and shortfalls. Its current performance in the market is cumulative of internal and external factors in the wine market. The five porters’ forces explore the past, present and future prospects of Capitello wines. The prosperity of the firm is reliant on the forces as explained below;

Rivalry among existing competitors

Oregon Wines Lab is closely located to Capitello wines and produces variety of wines which significantly overshadow the popularity of the latter. In that regard, the sales trend has shown slower performance of Capitello wines. In other words, Oregon remains the traditional arch rival of Capitello wines. While Capitello wines has its value creation activities located in New

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