Forbidden Planet

Dr. Mobius Edward was a character in the Forbidden Planet who took the role of a philologist to ship Bellerophon, which disappeared while en route to Altair-4 and also one of the expedition scientists on the mission. He, the wife and the daughter were the only survivors during the mission. With time Dr. Mobius created a world of his own. This was for his own benefit together with Altaira, the daughter (Jolly, 3)

On the other hand, Tyrell Eldon, a character in Blade Runner is a scientist who manufactures replicas in his powerful Tyrell Corporation. The replicas are considered genius just like Tyrell who is the manufacture.

The two scientist in both movies have some things in common. First, they have contempt for human attitude. The fact that they are human scientist has not stopped them from seeing themselves as superior. Dr. Morbius manifests himself as an intellect and genius whose intellect had been permanently doubled by his plastic educator. Moreover, Dr. Eldon Tyrell who alters DNAs to create replicas considers himself wiser than other humans. In the movie, he refers to the replica as his children (Bukatman, 5), which according to me is comparing himself to God.


God is the creator of the universe and all the living things. This is according to my faith which is shared by many. However, to my outright shock, Dr. Eldon Tyrell insinuates that he is God calling the replicas as his children. He goes further and demonstrates that he can block the sun at his own wish and that his creatures are more intelligent than human beings (Bukatman, 7). This is usurping God’s power and hence blasphemy. This character is shared by Dr. Morbius who his hubris to humanity is depicted to be an impression of a superior being of God’s caliber. He says his wisdom is doubled by the educative machine he has. We later on see that after his death, Commander Adams makes remarks that we are after all not God (Jolly, 3,82)

Both these characters are cunning and selfish for their knowledge. Morbius and Eldon do not want to share their knowledge leave alone being ordered to do what they do not want to do. He does not want the team led by Adam to stay with him and also does not want to get back to earth (Jolly, 23), why? This is just because of the power he claims to have of creating things. Eldon refused to alter Batty (who was like his Lucifer) DNA in order to prolong her life. Clovis, another character in the Blade Runner made an effort of seeking for the DNA data on Nexus 6 hoping to use them to extend his lifespan without involving Tyrell. However, his efforts bore no fruit as Tyrell declined to offer him his request (Bukatman, 34)

Dr. Victor Frankenstein and Dr. Faustus are other doctors who sought knowledge from other sources considered as dark sources. They are just similar to Dr. Morbius and Dr. Tyrell. It is worth noting that all these characters succumbed to death because of the knowledge they had. They teach me that no matter the quantity and quality of knowledge you get, you cannot consider yourself as a supreme being yet you are human. That is elucidated by their deaths. A supreme being is above death. That is per my knowledge.

The fact that all these characters are referred to as doctors makes me worried with the type of doctors we have in the society. Having acquired knowledge, doctors try to equate themselves to the superior one who is the creator of all things in the universe. They feel that the knowledge they have and respect they wield in the society makes them superior to other beings. In other words they want top portray themselves as earthly gods because of their capabilities to alter genes and come up with creatures and also manufacture machines that poses most of the human characteristics. It is worrying. Their main aim is to manipulate the audience to think and see that everything is possible with doctors and that they can be compared to God.

The image they are obviously bringing to the faces of audience, without fear, is that a doctor has and is still becoming wiser and cannot be equated to a fellow man. Then who are they equated to if they cannot be equated to their fellow beings? Definitely it is God. My strong view is that most doctors are in one way or the other blasphemous.

Its worth saying vividly that Forbidden Planet is a cautionary tale. In the whole movie, Dr. Morbius has branded himself as a knowledgeable being whose wealth of knowledge cannot be equated to any mans. Both you and I know that only God is the supernatural being with immense knowledge that even the Bible, for Christians puts His knowledge as too much that even the wisdom of man has not reached His foolishness.  According to most faiths their superior being does not die. He lives on and on. Generations comes and pass but the superior one still lives on. But why did Morbius die? His death clearly indicates that he had no control over death.

The Tempest done by Shakespeare is a classical work while on the contrary Forbidden Planet is a science fictional work. However they are similar. For example, Altair-4, where Morbius lived with the daughter Altaira is similar to Prospero’s Island where Prospero lived with the Daughter Miranda. They both contain magic, revenge and classical romance. However the ending of these two works is different. The Forbidden Planet ends with the destruction Altair-4 and Morbius while The Tempest has a happy end. These works however have different moral lessons. While the tempest advocates for harmony between nature and magic, the Forbidden Planet teaches that if one wants to control technology he/she must be in a position to control himself first.

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