• Take the “jottings” you made during 1.5 hours of observation and type them into an expanded narrative of what you observed (This means that you should write descriptive text of what you observed. You must write in complete sentences). The minimum length for this part of the assignment is 2 single-spaced pages of text. You may include photographs at the end of the document, but these are optional and do not count toward the page requirement.


Different groups of people from different communities and social backgroung have distinct food habit. Food is one area that can divide the people in a community because to a larger extent culture dictates what people should it and what they should not eat. Human beings have opposing psychological impulses when it comes to the diet they take. This prompts many people having an urge to try new food in the food market. As much as people would always prefer trying new food in the market, it is worth noting that they would still prefer the familiar food. This is where the element of culture comes in as it sets a food framework and principles that guides the preference of people. This plays a key role in reducing the anxiety that people have in trying new food in the market.



  • Perform a preliminary analysis by reading through your narrative and identifying 4 observations of behaviors and/or activities that you can connect to themes of food and culture that we have gone over in the course modules (at least 3 from course readings and 1 from videos, not lectures). Discuss each theme in a separate paragraph (4-5 sentences). Include your references in APA format below your observations.


Social and culture

The subject of food is made complete just through the theme of social and culture.  This theme addresses the social perspectives of food system on people. The theme continues to give an exploration on the link between consumer culture and the types of food they consume. Culture has direct relationship with the types of food consumed by an individual. Moreover, this theme continues to explore the interrelationship that exists between social perspectives and the types of food consumed by an individual. Moreover, this there is a wider connection between the history of food and the types of persons that consume certain foods.  Again, social aspects of food also go back into


A person’s health depends heavily on the types of food consumed. Good health demands a proper diet.  Moreover, good diet boosts a person’s nutrition thus facilitates a person’s ability to fight diseases.  There are diseases that are linked with under-nutrition and others that are related with over-nutrition.  Such diseases are like diabetes and heart disease.  These some of the major threats in the modern medicine and they could be controlled from the consumption of an individual.  Some people have reformed on the direction of only consuming foods that are linked to their health.  These persons consume meals after they have evaluated what such a meal will do to their body. They consider nutrition in such situations. However other persons are ignorant of their health and will consumes lots meals without evaluating their nutritional contents.


In some situations, food means more than what people perceive of it.  Food is basically meant for survival for people in the society.  Lack of food for some time would mean death.  Lack of food is a great global threat is associated with poverty in the society. A nation that cannot effectively feed her citizens is considered a failed government.

Food and status

Food plays very significant in segregating members of a society into social classes that help in giving status of individuals in the society.  There are different meals that are associated with different members and different levels of status in the society.




Observation 1:


The choice of food in respect to culture varies from an individual to the other. From my research I could place people in a given social order with regard to their appearance. I looked at the kind of clothing. By observing the kind of clothing and the physical appearance, I could predict the social class of these people. Notably, those who had had a decent dressing code apparently from an upper social class were going for more expensive food as compared to their counterparts who were not decent in their dressing. I notated that there are certain kind of food that are left for the poor and those ones which are left for rich. In the restaurant where I carried out my research, one could actualize the social class where one hails following the kind of food they went for.

Observation 2:

I noted that the environment surrounding the restaurants also determine the kind of people who visited the hotel. Moreover, the prices of the food in cleaner environment were higher as compared to the dirty environment. This further widened the social gap between the poor and the rich. Those who appeared to be of higher social status used the cleaner parts of the restaurant while those who appeared to be hailing from a lower class went to the dirty parts of the hotel. Another thing that I observed is that people were treated differently in the hotel.

Observation 3:

Language played a major factor in identifying the social group of those who visited the hotel. I observed this by following the interaction of those who visited the group. Those who spoke the same language went for almost the same kind of food. In fact I noted that attendant of the restaurant of this particular restaurant knew the diet of some of these people and they did not have to place an order.

Observation 4:

From the observation that I made, certain food in the hotel were meant for certain sex. For instance the diet for the female was slightly different with the diets of male. Similarly, the diet for the youth was also slightly different with that of the elder people



  • Write one paragraph (4-5 sentences) minimum reflecting on your position as a researcher. How does your own cultural identity and background affect how you ‘see’ and understand environments and activities? What are some possible biases that you bring to this research?

There are differences instances where my formed opinions and perceptions interfered with my observation. The environment where I hail from has its barriers to open and free reasoning and I believe these perceptions inherited from my environment highly interfered with my environment. For instance, there is a belief that people who dress smart are from a high class in the society and this perception made me to make the same assumption.  I made the same assumption and the nature of my research also did not give the right avenue to explore into the social status of persons I used as my research objects.

My personal environment has really affected the way I see things and how i perceive my environment. There are some general fallacies in my society that truth. My society and culture has made it a belief that the rich and those in best social class in the society live luxurious lives and are associated with expensive clothing especially official clothing. However, the low in the social ranks are also associated with other aspects other aspects.   These fallacies greatly influenced my way of reasoning during the research observation.  Making sound judgments from such environments remains very difficult and I am free to say that I am really affected with the same concern.

Cultural difference is very obvious in different food functions. The kind of food eaten also reflects what different culture values. Following my observation, the priorities included the nutrition, the value attached to the food, and the body images of the food that is believed to enhance health and beauty. This observation was mostly evident on the youth verses the old and the male verses the female. Females want to maintain their body slim; on the other hand, the males want to remain masculine. This explains the fact these two groups of individual

  • Imagine that you have been awarded funding to launch a 5-year research study at your restaurant/market/festival. Based on what you observed in your short time at your site, what would you want to know more about and why? In the space below, pose 2 research questions you would follow up on in further research at your site and explain your reasoning.


  1. What is the extent of interrelationship between an individual’s culture, environment, religion and social class and the types of food they consume?
  2. There is an interrelationship between the types of clothes that people put on and the types of meals that they consume. What is roles do the types of clothes that a person put on have on the types of food that they consume in that particular restaurant. To what extent can we relate the types of meals and what is consumed by the individuals?

Optional: You may insert photographs here, if you would like. IMPORTANT: Please reduce the file size of the photographs before inserting them. Documents over 20MB cannot be processed appropriately and your assignment may not be received.


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