Of the many places I have visited, Florida stands out among them all. If not the white sandy beaches and the scenic ridges then it is the vintage and historical sites.  Clearly this is the most beautiful of all the states. In fact, Florida has been termed as the state in the sun. Boca Grade, one of its towns has also been declared as the best coastal towns by the USA today, it has been nicknamed as the sunshine state. There are many factors and physical features which have helped endear Florida to this much coveted position of being the most beautiful and all rounded in terms of what it has to offer. It has a mild sunny climate which is an important natural resource thus a major tourist center.

The beauty of this state is quite evident in all aspects. This is the main attraction to thousands of tourists who throng the state each year. The scenery is quite magnificent, this is attributed mainly to the geographical placement of the state. The state is situated adjacent to the Gulf of Mexico on one side and the Gulf of Mexico on the other side. This gives it access to wide beautiful and pristine beaches. On the other hand the rolling hills and scenic ridges of Sebring is provides a very good environment for hiking and site seeing. The serenity of Crystal River is also enchanting for those endeavoring to practice kayaking and snorkeling. The beauty of this state has been promoted by the availability of very long rivers and the availability of creeks

One aspect which puts this state on the limelight are the trendy and hair rising traditions and activities carried out by its people. The practice of spirituality and the other dark crafts in the town of Cassadaga has attracted many people who are keen on experiencing supernatural powers and other activities which are away from the norm. The annual pioneer day’s festivals in Bade city also helps bring to the present the civil war era. This kind of an activity can teach you the virtues and the sacrifices that the earlier generations had to go through for reasons of survival.

Culture is also another domineering factor in Florida. There are different celebrations carried out on a yearly basis to commemorate and give thanks giving for the bumper harvests. This celebrations have been there for many centuries and its celebrations provides a form of continuation for them. One such place where ceremonies are conducted include the Bach festival society in winter park. This activities are very colorful and captivating to its observers.

Nature lovers have a field day in this part of the world. The scenic beauty of the sandy beaches can never be overstated. What relaxes the mind during a stressful hot day compared to white sandy beaches with deep blue water roaring and splashing its waves around? People stream to this beaches in droves in order to quench the otherwise insatiable hunger of nature. Cedar key, another key town in Florida, provides invaluable resources to nature which include century old oak live trees which can never be found anywhere else. There are also some endangered species of spoonbill birds which are attributed to this state. This aspect is a treasure to nature activists and conservers.

Florida also proves to be a historical goldmine with activities, events and sites such as the 55-block historical site being listed as a historic site in the national register of historic places. As if that wasn’t good enough, the site also takes its visitors back in time by giving them a ride on horse drawn carriages. This can really endear one to this place for a life time. The 55-block is located in the Fernandina beach area of Florida.

There are also some magnificent architectural pieces which is very nice for the sight seers and those interested in getting and developing their work in the field. Such places like Fernandina beach situated on Arnelia Island at the most northern part of Florida is famed for its vintage architecture which characterize the landscape. Apart from the architecture there beautiful shops which line most of its streets. The Micanopy is another great treasure to the Florida state. Pundits have been wondering how a society in the twenty first century and in the middle of the most industrialized nation can exist in an environment akin to those found in the eighteen century . The dirt roads and the use of horses as the main means of transport in this area has helped to divide this people and put them apart from other developed caliber of people. Those individuals keen on establishing their roots and learning what generations way ahead of us used in their daily live activities should visit such as a place. It is a mine field of historical information. It can also help one gauge the steps that humanity has taken in the last few year.


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