Finance and Accounting


here i gave you a mini sample about the coursework, the company you should investigate is
BKG( berkeley group hodings plc ord shs sp), you should gain the data from london stock exchange
You must select a company different from your class mates
You must use different five ratios and present them in a table form
You can use these financial ratios or any other if you like
a) Earnings per share (Basic)

b) Operating margin

c) Return in capital employed

d) PE ratio

e) Net Asset value per share

You must give headings of the chosen ratios before explaining and interpreting.
Explain the ratios within two or three line. Then interpret by explaining the reasons behind the movement in the ratios
You must mention the year and the specific ratios
Use two recent years to form your analysis
Use London stock exchange, London south east or FAME to access the ratios.
You must mention the source reference which can be any one of the above

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