Faith and Reason as an Integral Part of Our Lives

Faith and reason are like two wings on which the human spirit rises to the contemplation of truth.  These were the words uttered by a philosophy professor who became the pope of the holy Roman Catholic Church. A modern day saint who had an undisputed beautification. The belated pope John Paul II believed that in order to acquire full faith, reasoning is also an integral part of the process. One cannot function without the other. The laws of aerodynamics require that both wings be in optimal condition for flight to be obtained, the same is required in the aspect of both faith and reasoning where they both go hand in hand. It is therefore my belief that faith and reason are the integral parts of our lives.

It is because of faith and reason that Christianity has not only resulted to breathe taking cathedrals but have also been involved in creation of institutions for higher learning. The opus dei organization, being known as the largest religious organization in the world have been known to have created large number of learning institutions in the world all over. The role of modern day universities was from the works of a staunch Christian believer known as John henry. Later he became Cardinal Newman. He purported that universities should possess three core values which include; creation of knowledge, knowledge transmission and knowledge preservation. He also went on to say a forth value in universities is required. This is the appropriation of knowledge. And because of this forth goal that idea of faith meets with reasoning in terms of knowledge. This implies that people should strive to get meaning in the knowledge they inquire from the schools they attend. Faith should therefore have a key role in the day to day activities of the universities. Faith should be allowed to be involved in the school curriculum and help to answer some of the questions we have in our daily lives and researches performed by the learning institution. When higher learning institutions portray neglect to faith in the life of modern day students, religious leader’s beliefs and notions will be lost into oblivion and they will no longer have no legitimate claims to their views. This can be a big issue since most of religious scholars are learned individuals that can have wisdom and intellectual answers to some questions of the modern day life.

Justification for religious beliefs have been purported to have been the cause of faith and reason combined. Modern day philosophers and logical positivists have denied there being even a small whim of human existence originating from faith. They claim that human existence fully can be done through logical reasoning and answers pertaining to human existence can be explained through rational thinking. But even with the ruling out of the acts of creation and other faith based methods of creation, scientists to date haven’t decided on which method of creation being the most accurate. Numerous amounts of creation theories have been proposed. This includes the big bang theory, the burning star theory among others. Scientists should therefore not rule out any theory of creation originating from faith since some of the answers might be located through this irrational type of thinking.

Religious faith exists in two kinds, this includes the evidence-insensitive and the evidence sensitive types. The evidence sensitive comes from the testimony of the believers and experiences they have already encountered to justify their facts while evidence insensitive occurs only in the will of the religious believer alone who has unwavering faith. Evidence-insensitive believers believe in a higher power that controls the universe since there has been no known logical explanations explaining some of its mysteries. Different models have also been described to explain the interaction between faith and reason. This includes the conflict method which explains that faith and reason are the same. Religious fundamentalists assume the side of faith while the scientific neutralists assume the side of reasoning and logic. Another type of model is the incompatibility model which entails faith and reason to be distinct from each other and the final model being the incompatibility model which explains the existence of miracles through faith and its explanation through hypothesis and scientific critical thinking.

During the Greek era of science, they formulated myths and beliefs aimed to improve social good deeds into those who engaged in social activities. Philosophers of the era aimed to prove this myths through relating them to the metaphysical nature of the material world. An example can be seen in the myth of Icarus, he built a prototype of wings observed from birds. But us he flew too close to the sun melted the wax used in holding the feathers together. Without faith the wright brothers bicycle company could therefore have not been able to create the first ever airplane prototype. They gained inspiration from the myth of Icarus and the works of Leonardo da Vinci. With complete logic the wright brothers would have believed that they could not do it since great minds like Leonardo da Vinci failed in the same endeavor.

Even the stoics derived their mode of thinking from different kinds of aspects in physics and in cosmology. The stoics were able to endure pain and live through hardships without showing any emotional distress or even complaining. They believed that necessity is governed by the notion of a cyclic process and through a divine reason that cannot be grasped by human comprehension. The whole idea of what occurs after death has instilled fear in some of the non-believers. Believers on the other hand believe in the idea of souls being re-united with a higher power. There is no known proof that can be obtained to quantify the existence of such an extra-terrestrial matter. Pseudo-Dionysius instigated the fact that our language does not provide any known vernacular to describe the features of God and it also describes how human souls will be eventually be united with God. Therefore faith and reasoning is definitely an integral part of living. Since without reasoning different aspects of faith can never be explained.

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