facility layout formats

Describe the following facility layout formats used in manufacturing: Product Process Fixed Position Group technology or Cellular Layout Provide a product example of each one that supports your description.

In cellular manufacturing layout, production workstations, as well as equipment, are arranged in a sequence supporting a smooth flow of materials as well as components through the process of production with minimal delay or transport. It is a lean method that combines the flexibility of the process layout together with the efficiency of the product layout (Tompkins, 2010). Instead of processing many parts before distributing them on to the next process step or machine, cellular manufacturing layout moves the families of parts or products through the manufacturing process within a single line or cell of machines that are operated by machinists working only within the cell or line. Its main goal is to move as fast or quickly as possible and make a wide variety of same products with as little waste as possible. It involves the utilization of many cells in an assembly line fashion (Pattanaik & Sharma, 2009).

Cellular manufacturing layout processes a limited number of models or parts within line flows, and it is based on the concept of group technology where machines that are not similar are grouped into work centers, referred to as cells, to manufacture of process parts with the same shapes or processing requirements (Tompkins, 2010).  Within every cell, the layout of machines resembles a small assembly line. This layout reduces setup time, reduces material handling and transit time, reduces work-in-process inventory, and ensures better use of human resources. Also, it is easier to control and automate. A product example that supports the description is a shipyard, building construction and electronics plant which process limited number of models within line flows based on the concept of group technology where machines that are not similar are grouped into work centers (Pattanaik & Sharma, 2009).

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