British Legal System

  • The British legal systems one of the major legal systems in Europe.
  • The same system is adopted by former English colonies including Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada with only minor adjustments.
  • This legal system recognizes a democratic government with three arms, the Legislature, the Judiciary and the Executive.
  • All the arms are involved at different levels of the law making process and each has distinct roles
  • The Structure of the Government
  • The Monarch

    Is comprised of the Royal Queen who has the sovereign state power.

    The Queen reigns but does not rule the kingdom.

    The queen has the roles of advising, warning and providing consultation in the legal system.

    The Executive

    The executive is led by the Prime Minister who is the head of government.

    The Prime Minister has Ministers and other officials under him.

    The Executive helps in drafting bills that lead to the making of the law.

    The Legislature

    This is the arm of the government that is concerned with the lawmaking process.

    It discusses and pass bills that when assented to by the Queen become law.

    The Judiciary

    This is the heart of the legal system.

    It receives laws assented to and apply them in management of the kingdom’s legal

  • The Process of Making Law

    Law Making is a role of the Legislature.

    The process starts with the moving of the related bill in the house.

    A bill may be moved by;

    • The Government
    • The Members of the Legislative Houses
    • Private Citizens

    Various stages are involved in the reading of the bill and its discussion to become a law.

  • Bill is drafted
  • First Reading in the House of Commons
  • Second Reading in the House of Commons
  • Committee Stage
  • Report Stage
  • Third Reading in the House of Commons
  • Same procedures in the House of Lords
  • Types of Laws in UK

    There are different types of laws that are applied in UK.

    They are conveniently divided into two depending on the source and the application

  • The UK Court System
  • The chief applicator of the law in UK is the Judiciary through the Court system.

    There are different court levels each with specific mandate and roles in the application of the law.

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