Evaluating and Critiquing a Speech

Georgetown University Speech on Race and Law Enforcement

The speech is presented to an American audience by James B Comey, with the motive to force and foster positive thinking of the connection between race and law enforcement. I choose this speech because of the urgency of the matter and the need for the American society to focus constructive conversation in this connection.


The speaker is very articulate and confidence. He seems to be an experienced public speaker who knows his topic well and delivers the content in a fashion well-suited to the audience of choice.

Speech Construction

The paper is rather organized. First, the speaker is able to grab the audience attention using an introduction that the audience can relate to. He mentions names and places which are well connected to the history of the audience. However, his use of real names of the officers killed by suspects in the recent past is not nice especially with the possibility of having to erupt emotions from the audience. The quality of the speech is seen in the development and arrangement of the main points and the informative conclusion which sums-up all the details of the speech.

What the Speaker Did Well

The speaker was able to capture the attention of the audience well in a introduction they can relate to directly. This is because with attention captured, there is a likelihood that the speech will be received well by the audience.

Areas of Improvement

The author could possibly improve on the stage management. Throughout the speech, the speaker is rather static and immobile.

What I Learned

From watching this speech, I learn that capturing the attention of the audience in a speech is very important. The speaker must first ensure that the subject matter is introduced in an interesting way to the audience and later arrange all the points in a structure that is not redundant and which is capturing all the way from the introduction to the conclusion.





America Rhetoric. “Director Comey Discusses Race and Law Enforcement.” YouTube, youtu.be/sbx4HAm6Rc8. Accessed 30 Oct. 2016. http://www.americanrhetoric.com/speeches/jamescomeygeorgetownraceandlaw.htm




Appendix A



Did the speaker seem confident?



Did the speaker use appropriate volume?



Did the speaker use good eye contact?



Did the speaker use good vocal expression?



Did the speaker use appropriate gestures and facial expressions?



Was the speaker’s introduction effective?



Was the speaker’s conclusion effective?



Could you easily identify the main points?



Did the speaker’s organizational pattern make sense to you?




Did the speaker use effective supporting evidence?       Suggestions:



Peer Feedback Form

On this form, please give your peer honest feedback about his/her presentation using the critiquing techniques we discussed in class. Try to think of things that will help this person


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