Euthanasia: Harmful or Helpful?’

Euthanasia: Harmful or Helpful?’
Analyze the recent researches conducted on the issue and give your personal opinion on whether the Euthanasia is harmful. What is your personal opinion?

For the test task to be successfully accepted, please follow the instructions:
Type of assignment: essay (descriptive essay).
The paper must have an introduction, a thesis statement (underlined), body paragraphs, each having it’s own idea and conclusion. Please make smooth transitions from one idea to another.
– Include a title page, an outline and reference page
– Length: 4 double-spaced pages (minimum 275 words per page)
– Format: 12 pt. Arial, 1-inch margins from each side
– Citation style: APA
– Number of sources: minimum 3
– NO plagiarism, false facts, grammar/spelling mistakes

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