The European Commission: More than an Agenda-Setter? [Analyse the impact of the European Commission in the EU policy-making process

You should use theoretical and conceptual (supranationalists and intergovernmentalists approaches) – you will find them in the sources that i provided you with, to specific issues or case studies of contemporary European governance. You should use those sources for the essay -Ellinass, A. and Suleiman, E. (2011) ‘Supranationalism in a Transnational Bureaucracy: The Case of the European Commission’ Journal of Common Market Studies, 49 (5), pp. 923–947 -Egeberg, M (2016) ‘The European Commission’ in Cini, M. and Perez-Solorzano Borragan, N. (eds.) European Union Politics, fourth edition (Oxford University Press), Chapter 9 -An Agent Dependent on the EU Member States? The Determinants of the European Commission’s Legislative Success in the European Union – Stefanie Bailer 02/01/2014 -The Commission: boxed in and constrained, but still an engine of integration – Stefan Becker, Michael W. Bauer, Sara Connolly, Hussein Kassim 02/09/2016 -Intergovernmentalists in the Commission: Foxes in the Henhouse? – Renaud Dehousse, Andrew Thompson 02/2012 -Governance and Institutions: A More Political Commission – Desmond Dinan 09/2016

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