Ethical Issues Debate Project (Abortions: advantages and disadvantages)

Abortion: Advantages and disanvantages, How population can see.

Abortion refers to the termination of pregnancy through the removal of the fetus either by an accident or by a choice (Butler & Walbert, 2016). The ethical issue of abortion debate asks if it is morally right for a woman to terminate a pregnancy before the normal birth due to the ongoing controversy regarding the legal and moral status of induced abortion. This has resulted in mixed reactions from different groups of people; some people think it is right while other think it is wrong. Therefore, abortion has both advantages and disadvantages.

Induced abortion may be necessary to protect the health of a woman by preventing complication that arises from pregnancy (Haney, 2009). A woman is required to act in accordance with the medical advice when suffering from diseases like kidney disease, diabetes and heart disease. Abortion helps in considering woman’s circumstances’ for instance; it ensures that rape victims are not constantly reminded of their ordeal (Camosy, 2015).

However, abortion is termed as brutality as various religions oppose it because an individual is forbidding the chance of life to the developing fetus (Camosy, 2015). Also, abortion tends to have grave impact on the mental status of a woman as she can be depressed with several other mental illnesses; for instance, guilt and depression usually follow abortion. This affects the general population in that the woman may not contribute to the community’s socio-economic growth. Besides, abortion can results in medical complications like infection, recurrent miscarriages and sepsis among others (Haney, 2009).

In my opinion, abortion might be helpful in some situations, it should not be legalized because life begins at conception and there are many alternatives such as adoption so the child should not be killed (Butler & Walbert, 2016).


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