Ethical Issues with an Aging Population

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Ethical Issues with an Aging Population

Indeed, our current population is largely composed with aging people and it is expected to continue to be on the rise. For example, in the United States the number of people with sixty five year and above is projected to double in the next thirty year to become over eight million in number (Milstead, 2016). This will demand an increase of percentage share from thirteen percent to nearly twenty percent in 2030. In fact, it is agreeable that very soon their number will be more than the number of children. However, effective and dynamic ethical health care policies should be put in place to help handle the possible economic consequences due to the increasing population of the aging people (Zomorodi, & Foley, 2009). This paper therefore offers an explanation of the ethical standards that should be used to determine how the resources should be allocated to cater for the aging population including provision of quality end of life care. Besides, the paper has also provided a comprehensive analysis of some ethical challenges that are related to the preparation for the provision of quality health care to the aging.

In order to effectively and equitably allocate resources to cater for the aging population, there are several ethical standards and policies that need to be put in place (Craig, 2010). Equality policy on racial and ethnic diversity should be the number one ethical standard for consideration. This would help in determining the most vulnerable ethnic aging groups so as to allocate them sufficient proportion of the resources to attend to their needs. In fact, the policy standards would help in recognizing the differences between different racial and ethical groups especially on some of the important age related dimensions or metrics including living arrangements, poverty rates and income levels, disease prevalence, and life expectancy (Crippen, & Barnato, 2011). In addition, protection requirements of a certain group of the treated aged people should be another ethical requirement (Goethals et al 2010). The risks of the role conflict resolution standards that would erupt during the allocation of the resources should also be used to determine how best the resources should be allocated to care for the elderly. Lastly, ethical threats to the care quality evaluation as well as the discovery of any negative resulting from the process of evaluation can also be used in determining the allocation of the resources

In analyzing the ethical challenges, consideration of the rapid increase of the aging population is one of the major priorities (Pavlish et al 2011). Generally, the quick shift to the older population has serious and severe implication in preparation and efforts to care for the elderly people. Since the population of the aged people is rapidly increasing, improper and inaccurate planning to offer care to the present and near future generation of aged people would paralyze and make the care plan ineffective. Nevertheless, the all culture would change thus generating new opportunities. Secondly, increasing diversity is also an important ethical challenge which focuses on how equitable care should be offered to all the diverse race groups including minor groups such as Hispanic. Some races requires extremely more care than compared to others, however a big occurs especially in identifying such groups in order to offer them the right type of end of life care. In addition, evolving ethical health care needs is another ethical challenge that is closely associated with preparation for the provision of the end of life care to the elderly. The health care requirements varies from time to time and thus planning for the future comes along with challenges which is inaccuracy in budgeting and allocating of the resources for future care of the elderly


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